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Holiday Safety

How to Protect your Home during the Upcoming Holiday SeasonNovember 16, 2017

A number of home break-ins occur near the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, when many people are traveling. If you are planning an out-of-town excursion, here are a few measures you should take in order to protect yourself. Keep Plans a Secret When it comes to holiday travel, the fewer people that know about your plans […]

Home Alarms

Why a Home Alarm is the Most Important Investment you Can MakeOctober 10, 2017

When you think about investments, your mind naturally conjures up portfolio images. Even so, there are multiple other investment opportunities such as installing an alarm system. A home security system protects you in more ways than one, and here are just a few we thought were worth mentioning. Safeguards your Most Important Assets: Your Family […]

Snow Birds

Ways Snow Birds Can Protect their Home When they’re Out of TownSeptember 11, 2017

While snow birds often look forward to going south for the winter, one thing they do dread is leaving their home unprotected. With a few precautions, these individuals can have peace of mind knowing their primary residence is well protected. Find a Reliable House Sitter The importance of a reliable house sitter cannot be overstated. […]

Deter Burglars

Inexpensive Ways to Keep your House Lit to Deter BurglarsAugust 7, 2017

It’s a well-known fact that keeping your house well lit can deter burglars. Even so, not everyone uses the appropriate amount of lighting, largely due to a fear of high electric bills. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive ways to light up your home, including the following Use Solar Lights Solar lights cost nothing to operate […]


What to Do with a Shoplifter in Your StoreJuly 12, 2017

As a store owner, you work hard every day to earn a living. You pay your employees fairly, you manage your inventory accordingly, and you do your best to offer fair prices to your customers. There’s no doubt that shoplifters can make earning a living difficult, but there are some guidelines for handling them appropriately […]

Summer Crime

With Summer Here Now – Crime Rates are Usually UpJuly 12, 2017

With summer here now, it’s not only essential that you trim the bushes and shrubs around your home and weed the garden beds; now is the time to ensure that you have the correct security measures in place as well since crime rates tend to skyrocket during the summer. This will help ensure that you […]

Surveillance Cameras

Why Surveillance Cameras at your Home or Business are a MustJuly 12, 2017

With regards to home or business security, many property owners think that having a monitored alarm system will be sufficient to deter burglaries and other illicit activities. However, over the past few years, rising crime rates have resulted in more people than ever seeing the benefits of installing surveillance cameras in their homes or business […]

New Parents Security

Reasons why New Parents Need Home SecurityApril 13, 2017

While we’d all like to think that the world around us is a safe place filled with genuinely caring people, the truth is that it’s hard to predict things that could possibly happen. That’s why it’s so important for new parents to invest in a good home security system – to keep an eye out […]

New Burglar Methods

New Ways Burglars are Scoping Your HouseMarch 9, 2017

Very rarely does someone just walking down the street make a last-minute decision to break into your house and rob you. In most cases, robberies and burglaries are planned – at least to a degree. Here are some of the ways in which burglars are checking you out along with a few ways to reduce […]

2017 Security Trends

2017 Trending Home Security TechnologiesFebruary 15, 2017

New technologies are introduced almost every day, and many of these can improve the way you protect your home and property. Some are internet-connected, and some allow for remote monitoring. Here are some of 2017’s hottest and trendiest home security technologies. #1 – Security as Part of Home Automation Home automation is growing in popularity […]