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Summer Time Crime

Why Summer Time Crime Is Usually the HighestJuly 10, 2018

Summer is just around the corner. With it comes the promise of days spent in the garden, beach days, hiking trips, and… high crime rates? It may seem strange, but recent studies have revealed crime rates spike when the temperature increases, to an extent, anyways. What the Studies Say The Department of Justice released a […]

Home Protection Gadgets

Home Security Checklist Everyone Should Be FollowingJune 7, 2018

You want to ensure your home and family are safe always, but have you taken all the appropriate steps in doing so? Many homeowners are unaware of some steps that can (and should) be taken to keep their home safe, while brand new homeowners may not even know where to begin. It is never too […]

Backyard Also Needs Security

Don’t Forget Your Backyard Also Needs SecurityMay 10, 2018

Everyone knows it is vital to keep your home safe, and chances are you’ve taken a lot of steps to do so. Maybe you have deadbolts installed on all entrance doors, and lights to illuminate the exterior of your home at night. But what steps have you taken to secure your backyard? There are two […]

Business Burglar Alarm

Why a Home Alarm is the Most Important Investment you Can MakeMay 8, 2018

When you think about investments, your mind naturally conjures up portfolio images. Even so, there are multiple other investment opportunities such as installing an alarm system. A home security system protects you in more ways than one, and here are just a few we thought were worth mentioning. Safeguards your Most Important Assets: Your Family […]

Video Surveillance

Why Video Surveillance on your Home is ImportantApril 9, 2018

Until a few years ago, video surveillance of homes was something that seemed to come out of a science fiction movie. However, as crime rates have continued rising in most parts of the country, it has become evident that installing monitored camera systems can play a tremendous role in ensuring that homeowners and their families […]

Home Alarm System

Why do so Many Homeowners Wait to Install an Alarm System?March 8, 2018

Alarm systems are items that homeowners seldom give much thought to – to the point where they will normally only have a unit installed if they have fallen victim to a burglary or other type of crime. Here are some of the most common reasons why so many homeowners put off installing alarm systems nowadays. […]

Home Alarm Company

5 Ways a Home Alarm can Give you Peace of MindFebruary 15, 2018

Rising crime rates over the past few years have resulted in home alarm systems becoming more of a necessity than a luxury, especially in areas that experience higher crime rates than others. After having a home alarm installed, you will be able to enjoy peace of mind in many ways. 1. Protect your Family against […]

Amazon Packages

Do you like to Shop on Amazon? How to Make Sure your Packages Don’t get StolenJanuary 10, 2018

Shopping for anything from baby goods to tech items or even books and stationery on Amazon has become extremely convenient over the years. However, when packages are delivered to your door, they often become prime targets for theft, especially if they are being left unattended for more than a few minutes at a time. Below […]

Business Security

Why Video Surveillance is the Ultimate in Business SecurityDecember 19, 2017

Video surveillance has become an essential tool in most business environments today. Take a look at the many benefits your business will enjoy when using this to improve security levels. 1. Reduce Employee and Consumer Theft Levels Each year, more than 275 instances of retail and business-related theft are reported globally. With less than 1 […]

Winter Home

Is your Home Ready for the Winter? Tips on how to Winterize ItDecember 12, 2017

You already know that winter can take its toll on your body, but what you probably do not think about is the effect it has on your home. Protect your property and remain as warm and cozy as possible by following these tips. Aim for Energy Savings Many people dread winter because of the higher […]