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10 Home Security Statistic Every Homeowner Should KnowJune 7, 2019

You want to keep your home and family safe from being victimized, and have undoubtedly taken many steps against potential break-ins. Locking your doors and windows at night are not enough to keep your family and property safe, however. Recent statistics show that home burglary and property damage are still quite common, despite an overall decrease in recent years. Just how common are these crimes? These statistics will help to paint a clearer picture.

  1. In 2015, there were just under 8 million property crimes across the nation.

  2. In 2015, property crimes resulted in an estimated $14.3 billion in damage.

  3. There were around 2.5 million burglaries specifically, which amounts to one burglary occurring every 13 seconds.

  4. Most home break-ins do NOT occur at night, as most assume. They instead occur between 6 am and 6 pm, which is when most people are likely to be running errands, at work, or at school.

  5. Property crime rates are highest in the summer, and lowest in winter.

  6. 95% of all home invasions require forceful entry. This ranges from picking a lock to smashing out a window or busting down a door.

  7. Despite being a big deterrent for criminals, only 17% of American households have a security system.

  8. 85% of all break-ins are done by amateurs who are desperate for money, whether thanks to typical financial strain or addictions. Desperation can make criminals very dangerous, and more likely to use force.

  9. 83% of all interview criminals stated they looked to see if an alarm system was installed before picking the house to rob.

  10. Of those 83%, more than half of them stated they would have changed their mind about breaking in if they had seen a security system installed.

Home Security Systems Help Decrease Risk of Burglary

Studies show that homes with a security system installed are 300% less likely to be broken into. The most effective among these are monitored systems, because criminals know that it is likely they will be caught on camera and, thus, eventually caught by police. Alarm systems without monitoring, and DIY home surveillance systems are also effective, albeit not as much.

Other Safety Tips

To keep your home safest, here are some additional safety tips you can use to keep your property and family safe. These can be used with or without a security system, but it is highly recommended that families invest in a security system, as they are the most effective method of stopping burglaries.

  • Keep your yard clean and free of clutter, as this doesn’t allow for any hiding places.

  • Keep all outside buildings (sheds, playhouses, and garages that aren’t attached to the house) at least ten feet away from your home and from the fence line.

  • Families with dogs are much less likely to be robbed versus homes without them.

  • Always lock doors and windows at night.

  • Use uplighting to illuminate the outside of your home at night.

  • Privacy fences are also a deterrent, as they do not allow easy scoping of the property.

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