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Vacation Home Protection

How to Protect Your Home when You Leave for VacationJune 23, 2015

As much as 60% of families go on vacation during the summer months. This often means that their homes are left standing vacant during this time, making them prime targets for burglary. This need not be the case though, as there are numerous ways in which home owners can protect their properties while they are […]

Hurricane Home Proofing

With Summer Here – Is Your Home Ready for Hurricane Season?June 10, 2015

Having summer in full swing normally means that many families go on vacations or enjoy visits in their homes from friends and family members from out of town or even overseas. Although preparing to receive guests – or to be guests elsewhere is important, it is far more important to ensure that you have implemented […]


It’s Pool Time in the Northeast – How to Protect your Family around the PoolJune 3, 2015

With summer slowly getting onto full swing throughout the country, many families will be going on vacations that will involve spending time around swimming pools. Although the main focus of this time of the year is normally to have as much outdoor fun as possible, there is another aspect that many families tend to forget […]