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Hurricane Home Safety Tips

Is Your House Hurricane Proof? Tips on Getting It Ready for Hurricane SeasonJuly 28, 2015

With hurricane season fast approaching many parts of the country, many property owners worry about the fact that their homes could be subject to serious damage if they are subject to these strong winds and rain storms. Below are a few relatively simple ways in which a home can be made as hurricane proof as […]

Smart House

What Does It Mean To Have a Smart Home?July 21, 2015

These days, it would be almost impossible to find aspects of people’s lives that are not dominated by at least one form of technology – including the homes they live in. As a result, the concept of a smart home has become increasingly popular over the past few years. This type of home setup is […]

Video Surveillance

Outdoor Video Surveillance is the Ultimate in Home SafetyJuly 17, 2015

Nowadays, many home owners are finding that just having a burglar alarm system installed in their home is not enough to ensure the safety and security of their families. As a result, they are looking for other solutions that are not only practical, but that are also relatively affordable. One of the best solutions that […]

Wireless Alarm Systems

Are Wired or Wireless Alarm Systems Better?July 8, 2015

Home owners are spoiled for choice when it comes to purchasing alarm systems – regardless of whether they want to install a standard entry level system or one that is more sophisticated. However, there has been much debate over the past few years regarding whether wired home alarm systems are better than wireless systems or […]


Why Everyone in Your House Should Know CPRJuly 1, 2015

When the words ‘summer vacation’ come to mind, most people associate them with spending a lot of time engaging in a range of outdoor sports and activities. Although this is the ideal time of year for everyone to kick back and have fun, it is important to remember that medical emergencies can strike any family […]