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Home Protection

How to Protect your Home at all TimesDecember 30, 2015

Home protection is one of the essential elements of owning a house. You need to do your very best to make sure that you keep your family, your possessions, and your privacy safe at all times. But how to you make sure that your home is protected when you’re not there? Does a simple lock […]

Surveillance Business

Why an After Hours Surveillance System is Important to Protect Your BusinessDecember 17, 2015

Rising crime rates have resulted in more businesses than ever installing alarm systems. While these are great investments in themselves, they can only do so much when it comes to crime prevention – especially after hours. This is why it makes sense for business owners to consider having a 24 hour surveillance system installed to […]

Home Property Value

How to Keep Your Home’s Value over the Winter TimeDecember 14, 2015

Activity in the housing market starts slowing down during autumn and even more so in winter. As a result, homes that are perceived to be ‘average’ or that are in need of repairs will take longer to sell than those that are in top condition. There are a few projects to consider that will help […]

Stolen Wifi

How Theft Can Also Come in through Wi-FiDecember 7, 2015

When you leave your home or go to bed at night, you probably take the time to make sure you lock your doors and windows. However, chances are pretty good that you don’t lock your Wi-Fi router. Internet theft is on the rise, but the good news is that you can protect yourself with a […]