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Spotting Thieves

How to Visually Detect a Thief in Your StoreJuly 29, 2016

Shoplifting is a huge problem for business owners all over the world. Many retail stores spend thousands of dollars in equipment and security personnel to prevent it. There are a few ways to pinpoint a shoplifter, but you should remember that approaching a thief on your own is dangerous and best left to law enforcement […]

Commercial Alarm Systems

If You Don’t Have a Commercial Alarm System at Your Business Property, These Things Could HappenJuly 19, 2016

There are still far too many business owners who think that they don’t need to bother with the hassle and expense of having a commercial alarm system installed at their workplaces. However, with instances of business burglaries rising at an alarming (no pun intended) rate, it now makes more sense than ever to ensure that […]

Summer Crime

Crime Historically Up During Summer – 5 Things to Do to Protect Your HomeJuly 14, 2016

Despite the fact that summer brings with it more daylight hours and many people are led to believe that this would deter criminals, this is not at all the case. In fact, if you look at robberies and home invasions throughout history, you’ll find that they spike during the summer months. Fortunately, there are some […]