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2017 Security Trends

2017 Trending Home Security TechnologiesFebruary 15, 2017

New technologies are introduced almost every day, and many of these can improve the way you protect your home and property. Some are internet-connected, and some allow for remote monitoring. Here are some of 2017’s hottest and trendiest home security technologies.

#1 – Security as Part of Home Automation

Home automation is growing in popularity with every passing day. This term alludes to technologies that allow people to automate everyday actions that take place within their homes. For example, you can program your lights to turn themselves off and on when you open or close doors, and you can even install a shower that cleans itself.

Security is now becoming a popular part of home automation, too. You can buy remote doorbell systems that will allow you to see who is at your door – even if you aren’t home. These technologies connect a camera at your door to an application on your smartphone. When someone rings your bell, you get a notification. Simply check the notification and respond to your visitor via an internet video call. This provides unprecedented safety since the person ringing your doorbell has no idea that you aren’t inside.

#2 – Smart Home Technology for Everyone

When smart home technology was first introduced, it was reserved mainly for those who were affluent and tech-savvy. However, as technology begins to automate itself more and more, and as the cost of home technology continues to decrease, everyone will start building smarter homes.

A report from Coldwell Banker proved that older generations are starting to embrace smart home technology, and that both the very rich and the lower-middle class are all embracing the convenience and money savings that these technologies can offer. This means that security as part of home automation won’t be reserved for only the smartest people in the nicest neighborhoods in town – it’ll be available to everyone and installed in more homes than ever before.

#3 – Comprehensive Home Security Packages

Many families have a few pieces of security technology in their homes right now. Some have a video camera or two trained on the main entrances to their homes and property, and still others have monitored door and window alarms that alert authorities.

In 2017, homeowners will look to combine these technologies and purchase comprehensive home security packages from some of the most trusted names in the industry. They’ll look for things like remote-controlled cameras, smart locks, and even garage door controls. They’ll look for things to automate temperature and even lighting, which can give the appearance that someone is home even when the house is vacant. They’ll connect these things to monitored security systems, which will provide unsurpassed home safety and security.

There’s no doubt that 2017 will see a huge surge in people who opt for smart technologies in their homes that provide the best of both convenience and safety. It’s expected that everyone, regardless of age or income, will start looking for ways to protect their homes, even while they’re away. Security companies are getting on board and offering comprehensive packages that meet these new demands.


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