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What to Do with a Shoplifter in Your StoreJuly 12, 2017

As a store owner, you work hard every day to earn a living. You pay your employees fairly, you manage your inventory accordingly, and you do your best to offer fair prices to your customers. There’s no doubt that shoplifters can make earning a living difficult, but there are some guidelines for handling them appropriately […]

Summer Crime

With Summer Here Now – Crime Rates are Usually UpJuly 12, 2017

With summer here now, it’s not only essential that you trim the bushes and shrubs around your home and weed the garden beds; now is the time to ensure that you have the correct security measures in place as well since crime rates tend to skyrocket during the summer. This will help ensure that you […]

Surveillance Cameras

Why Surveillance Cameras at your Home or Business are a MustJuly 12, 2017

With regards to home or business security, many property owners think that having a monitored alarm system will be sufficient to deter burglaries and other illicit activities. However, over the past few years, rising crime rates have resulted in more people than ever seeing the benefits of installing surveillance cameras in their homes or business […]