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5 Best Outdoor Security Camera Locations for HomeownersJune 28, 2022

If you’re considering installing a security system or looking into ways to make your current security system even better, it’s important to think about where you will install your outdoor security cameras. Below are the top five outdoor security camera locations that will keep your home and your family safe this summer.

#1 – The Front Door

Believe it or not, many burglars don’t crawl in through windows or slip through back doors. In fact, about 40% of burglars enter the target home through the front door. As such, make sure you have a good security camera aimed at the front door of your home. This way, if someone does try to gain entry, you will have video evidence to help prosecute them when they are caught.

#2 – The Driveway

The driveway is a big point of interest for those who might want to scope out your home. In fact, some burglars will park their own cars right in your driveway and then leave in it after they’ve committed the crime. When positioning your outdoor security camera, point it in such a way that it spans as much of your driveway as possible. This way, whether they have parked at the end of the drive or up close to your home or garage, you have great footage.

#3 – The Back Entrance

Both your backdoor and the entrance to your backyard are important places for outdoor security cameras. Burglars will often choose the back door in hopes that a homeowner has left it unlocked or that they will be able to gain entry unnoticed. You may be able to install a single camera that spans from your backdoor to the entrance to your backyard – a porch door, a gate, etc. If not, utilize two cameras to cover this area.

#4 – Storage Areas

If you have a garage, shed, or outbuilding that’s used to store equipment – your lawnmower, tools, etc. – this is an area of interest for burglars, too. Sometimes burglars will specifically target these buildings rather than your home in hopes of getting away with expensive items without getting caught. Make sure that your security cameras cover all of the entry and exit points for your storage buildings.

#5 – The Sides of Your Home 

Now that you have the front and back of your home fairly covered, it’s time to point some cameras along the sides of your home. This way, you can catch anyone who might attempt to enter through windows located on either side. It can be tricky to find the right placement, but for most homeowners, installing one camera on the back corner of each side of your home is plenty. Simply face these cameras toward the front of your home and make sure all of the windows are in view.

When you install your outdoor security cameras in these five locations, you are giving yourself as much coverage as possible – and that’s critical for catching thieves in the act. Whether someone tries to gain entry to your home, your garage, or even your tool shed, you have the security footage you need to catch them and have them prosecuted.

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