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5 Easy Ways to Send a Burglar in the Other DirectionAugust 19, 2014

High levels of unemployment and a general decline in moral standards over the past few years have led to a rise in home burglaries. While some burglaries only result in the loss of possessions, others can result in home owners and their families being severely injured by the perpetrators. These handy tips will help prevent you from becoming yet another statistic because they will help discourage burglars from wanting to gain entry into your home.

1. Invest in a Home Alarm System

This is probably the best way to deter burglars from trying to gain unlawful access on to your property. A home alarm system should comprise of indoor sensors and door contacts as well as outdoor perimeter beams that alert you as well as your alarm company when there is an intrusion attempt. It is also essential to place signage around your property stating that you have a monitored alarm system, as this in itself is usually enough of a theft deterrent.

2. Welcome a Large Dog into your Family

Most burglars will think twice about trying to break in where large dogs are present – even if the dogs are generally friendly. However, when getting your dog, it is important to train it to ensure that it will alert you at the first signs of an intrusion attempt. Your dog should also be trained to not accept food from strangers, as this is usually how burglars subdue them in order to gain access to a property.

3. Get to Know your Neighbors

Although many people complain about having nosy neighbors, this in itself can be a blessing in disguise. If neighbors are in the habit of looking out for each other and knowing each other’s habits, police and alarm companies can be alerted as soon as an unfamiliar face tries to gain access to a property in the area.

4. Make it as Difficult as Possible to Gain Access to your Home

While many home owners think that window burglar bars and security gates are nothing more than a nuisance, having these devices will make your home far more difficult to gain entry into. This will make your home far less of an appealing target to burglars because in most cases, they are looking for properties that can be accessed quickly and quietly. Always ensure that doors and gates are locked and that windows are closed when leaving your home.

5. Consider Planting Thorny Shrubs

Planting thorny shrubs under windows is also a great way to deter all but the most determined of burglars. Ideal examples of thorny shrubs that grow to be quite dense include hawthorn and bougainvillea bushes. However, these bushes will need to be kept trimmed to below window level so that they do not provide any form of hiding place.

Implementing even a few of these measures in conjunction with a home alarm system will go a long way in ensuring that your property remains unappealing to burglars. When purchasing a home alarm system, ensure that you spend as much as you can comfortably afford to, so that you are rewarded with adequate protection when it is needed the most.


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