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5 Innovative Products to Help Keep your Home SafeApril 8, 2016

With burglary rates that continue to rise each year, it’s no surprise that home owners are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative products that will help safeguard their homes and possessions. Below are a few options that will help keep your home as safe as possible.

1. Smart Door Locks

Are you tired of having to fumble with keys when arriving home with dozens of shopping bags or a horde of hungry family members? Or are you a landlord who always seems to be paying out money to replace keys and locks when tenants move out of your property? Regardless of your situation, using a smart door lock will help alleviate problems like these, while also making your home a safer place. These locks can work by means of fingerprint recognition or even by using an app – different options are available.

2. LED Motion Sensor Lights

Not only can these light up an entire property to the point where it is almost as bright as daylight each time they detect movement; they do so in such a way that they save a tremendous amount of electricity. In fact, there are now a few models available that are purely solar-powered as well, meaning that they will not affect your energy bill at all.

3. Facial Recognition Cameras

Over the past few years, more and more home owners have seen the benefit of these units. They can be used in much the same way as smart door locks in that the unit can be set up to unlock a door when it recognizes the face of a family member or anyone else who has been granted access to the home. This is a great option in cases where repair people need access for a short period of time, as it means that no physical keys will have to change hands – their details can simply be removed from the system once the work has been completed.

4. Pepper Spray Security Systems

These units work much like regular alarm systems in that they rely on sensors placed through the house to alert a home owner of a possible intrusion. However, they have an additional benefit in that their sensors are attached to pepper spray canisters, which are activated – either with an alarm system or without. Once the pepper spray permeates through the house – usually within seconds – it causes severe stinging of the eyes and makes it difficult for would-be burglars to breathe. This results in them leaving a lot faster than what they arrived.

5. SkyBell Smart Doorbell

This device links to a smartphone, enabling home owners to see, hear and communicate with anyone who rings the bell. Not only can this let them know exactly who is at the door; it can be an absolute lifesaver during dinner when pesky salespeople ring the bell. Owing to the fact that the doorbell’s activation is via the smartphone, a would-be burglar will have no way of telling whether anyone is actually home or not.

An added advantage of the above mentioned devices is that they are relatively affordable, meaning that most home owners will be able to afford at least one of them. Property owners who are looking for affordable home security systems or who want to know what their options are can contact us today.


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