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5 Less Obvious Benefits of A Business Security SystemMay 20, 2019

You’ve worked hard to create a prosperous company that produces products your customers keep coming back for. It doesn’t matter whether you have a single storefront or dozens, because developing a company brand that customers can trust is hard. But after all your hard work, have you invested in a business security system that will help keep your business and assets safe?

Everyone knows the obvious benefits of a security system. This includes:

  • Deterring criminals from breaking in or entering during business hours with bad intentions
  • Protecting your products at all times, including from shoplifters
  • Generally giving you peace of mind, which allows you to focus on other aspects of running your business

But did you know there are several less obvious benefits of having a security system installed in your place of business? Today we’ll take a look at what those are.

1: Protects Your Employees

It isn’t  your products but your employees which are your company’s most valuable asset. A security system will help to keep them safe in much the same way it keeps your products safe. Deterring potential burglars also decreases the risk your employees have of being victim of a robbery.

2: Makes Customers Feel Safer While in Your Store

Often, the use of a security system help to make customers feel (and be) safer while shopping in your store. With the news seeming to broadcast non-stop horror stories, customers have begun looking for additional confirmation that they are safe. A commercial security system is the best way to provide that peace of mind.

3: Might Lower Insurance

If you have insurance on your building, company, or individual products, the use of a commercial security system might lower your insurance rates. Not all insurance companies offer this discount, but it is definitely worth asking. If you’re looking for insurance, try to find one which offers this discount. It could end up saving you a considerable sum in the long-term.

4: Can Also Protect Against Fire

There are security systems which can help protect your storefront against fire, also. These go beyond normal fire detectors, which simply emit a loud noise when it detects heat or smoke.  Instead, it alerts the local fire department or the security company who monitors your system, who can then dispatch the local fire department for you. This saves valuable time, reducing any damage a fire might do.

5: Allows Better Employee Supervision

While you don’t want to think that your employees might not do their job correctly or, worse, steal from your business, it does occur. A commercial security system can allow you to better supervise your employees, so you can stop issues before they get out of hand. You are also granted evidence for any wrongs your employees might commit.

As you can see, there are many benefits of installing a business security system beyond the obvious. These five less obvious benefits are proof of that. Understanding the full power a great system can have will help business owners to make a more-informed decision about their store’s security.

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