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Business Alarm System

5 Reasons to Get an Alarm System for your BusinessDecember 9, 2014

The rise in unemployment figures over the past few years has led to a dramatic increase in theft and burglaries at business premises. Although many business owners have resorted to installing devices like burglar bars and roller shutter doors, these alone may not always be enough to deter a would-be burglar. As a result, many insurance companies now insist that business alarms be installed before they will consider providing any form of coverage.

1. Reduce Insurance Premiums

Numerous business owners feel that commercial alarm systems do nothing more than make a noise, but this is not true. These days, most insurance companies insist that business owners have these devices installed in order to validate their coverage. However, business owners can usually look forward to receiving discounts of as much as 40% on insurance premiums if they have monitored business alarms installed.

2. Prevent Inventory Theft

It’s a known fact that most theft that is committed by employees occurs when members of management or other security personnel re not round. However, hooking a camera system up to a business alarm can help reduce instances of this occurring substantially. Footage from the camera recordings can then be used as evidence if a theft case has to go to court.

3. Assure Employee Safety

Business alarms not only protect physical assets; they are also able to help safeguard employees who may have to work evening or weekend shifts when the surrounding area is quieter than normal. In most cases, employees who know that the company they are working for is concerned about their safety will not only perform better at their jobs; they will be more willing to work outside of regular working hours whenever the need arises.

4. Protect Sensitive Data

In many cases, business who are burgled not only lose computers and other physical items; they end up losing valuable or even highly confidential assets like data that has been stored on those computers. Would-be burglars who know that a particular property has an alarm system will normally seek out an alternative target that is easier to access and exit without being noticed.

5. A Highly Affordable Form of Protection

Business owners often forget that items such as business alarms can classify as a legitimate business expense, which in fact makes them a valid tax-deductible expense. While the full cost of the alarm system and camera setup may not always be fully refunded by the IRS, business owners can usually expect to receive a fair rebate for essential security-related expenses like these.

When installing business alarms, it is important for business owners to spend as much as they can comfortably afford to. This will ensure that they are hooked up with a decent quality alarm system that provides the necessary amount of coverage for the property as well as the assets inside. Business owners should also ensure that they only use the services and products of a registered alarm company to perform any security based services or installations.

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