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Home Alarm System

5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs an Alarm SystemApril 2, 2015

Over the past few years, the amount of home invasions and burglaries has increased substantially. At best, these incidents cause severe trauma for everyone concerned and at worst, they can even result in severe injury or death. As a result, it is strongly recommended that home alarm systems be installed in a bid to provide as much protection as possible for families as well as their belongings.

1. Reduce Home Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies calculate premiums according to how much of a risk they deem a particular property and client to be. Properties that have monitored home alarm systems are deemed to be at lower risk of being burgled than those that don’t. It is sometimes possible to have home insurance premiums reduced by as much as 30% if proof can be provided that the property in questions is being monitored by an alarm system.

2. Keep Your Family Safe

Having an alarm system installed means that a home becomes a far less appealing target to would-be burglars. In the event that a burglary is attempted while family members are at home, activating a panic alarm can ensure that everyone in the house remains safe. Modern alarm systems can also be connected to surveillance cameras so that parents can keep an eye on proceedings at home while they are at work during the day.

3. Protect Your Home against Fire

These days, most home alarms are connected to smoke and fire detection systems, which enable them to notify the relevant authorities immediately in the event of a fire breaking out. This not only allows a home and its contents to be protected; this form of early warning system also enables everyone in the house to evacuate before a fire gets out of control. Connecting a fire alarm to a home alarm system will usually help decrease insurance premiums even further as well.

4. Simplify Your Life

Nowadays, alarm systems have the ability to be connected to smartphone devices. This provides home owners with the ability to monitor what is going on in and around their homes while they are at work or even away on vacation. All home owners need to do is install the corresponding apps on their phones and they will not only be able to see everything that is happening; they will also be able to perform functions such as turning central heating on or off, turning lights on around the home and even unlocking doors if keys have been misplaced.

5. Protect Valuables

Many people have suffered losses of items that are simply not replaceable. Homes that have alarm systems installed usually don’t appeal to would-be burglars. As a result, any valuable items such as electronics, jewelry and even family heirlooms will be a lot safer after having a monitored system installed.

When installing home alarm systems, it is crucial to ensure that the work is carried out by an alarm company that hires reputable, experienced and registered employees. It is also recommended that home owners spend as much as they can comfortably afford to on the installation, as there is simply no monetary value that can be placed on a family’s safety.

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