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5 Things a Residential Alarm System Can Do for YouApril 14, 2014

Residential alarm systems offer many benefits. There are the obvious ones like home monitoring while you are out and about, but installing a security system also offers homeowners many opportunities to save money and increase the value of their home.

1. Reduce your Homeowners Insurance Costs

One of the main benefits of residential alarm systems is that insurance companies often offer discounts for homes that have a security system. A recent study by the Electronic Security Association found that insurance companies offer discounts as high as 20% for having a home security system. The more protection the security system provides, the higher the discount. Monitored home burglar alarms, for example, led to more discounts being offered.

2. Prevent Home Invasion

This is the most obvious benefit of a home security system, but also one of the most important. An alarm system not only provides features that protect against burglary and home invasion like sensors, cameras, and broken glass alarms, but can often prevent a break-in from happening. Most homes with residential alarm systems have signs displayed announcing the fact, and a recent study showed that homes without a security system are up to 300% more likely to fall prey to burglaries.

3. Lower your Monthly Energy Bill

In addition to providing security for your home, residential alarm systems can help manage a home’s energy output and lower heating and electricity bills. Many modern security systems use sensors to detect if anyone is in the home, and will automatically turn off lights and appliances if no movement is detected inside. Others also automatically monitor home temperature, and will adjust heating and cooling systems to regulate temperature and reduce energy consumption.

4. Faster Emergency Service

Emergency calls sent from some residential security systems are made directly to emergency services, bypassing emergency dispatch entirely and resulting in faster response time than by dialing 911. In cases of fire or medical emergency this is crucial, as there can be only a few minutes difference between preventing damage to people and property and total disaster. This feature can provide security and independence for senior citizens in particular.

5. Increase Home Value

Home burglar alarms increase the value of a property. This makes an alarm system both a buffer against inflation and economic downturn damaging the value of a home, and a feature that will make the home worth more money should it be offered for sale. Not only that, but security systems are an attractive feature to buyers. Buyers who are wary of the cost or hassle of installing their own home burglar alarms will be more keen, meaning that the property will not only be worth more but will likely also sell faster.

Home security may seem like an expensive investment, but the savings and protection that it provides can easily offset their cost. Savvy homeowners who understand both the value of the protection that home burglar alarms provide and how their security system can save money and resources find that the initial investment is a small price to pay for this.


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