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5 Ways to Deter a Burglar from Trying to Coming in UninvitedJuly 8, 2014

When it comes to deterring burglars, a home security system is often the first thing to come to mind. What many do not realize, however, is that there are a number of things that can be done to a home to deter these criminals even beyond burglar alarm systems.

1. Look Lived In

Having a home that looks lived in is an easy way to deter potential burglars. An empty mailbox and clean exterior (taking in newspapers, removing trash from the lawn) tell a potential burglar that the house they are observing is lived in, and that they could easily be caught. Tasks that should already be routine go a long way in deterring would-be criminals from a property.

2. Locks

Although an arguably obvious point, it is still important to mention that all locks, including ones on side doors and garages, are durable, sturdy, and, most importantly, locked whenever the house is unoccupied. While opening a door and casually walking through the doorway is not particularly out of the ordinary, picking a lock, trying to open a window, and other such activities draw attention to burglars, something they will avoid at all costs. For this reason, locks are an excellent deterrent.

3. Hide the Expensive Trash

As burglars strive to avoid drawing attention to their illicit activities, home owners should as well. Garbage that indicates wealth – such a leaving an exposed, empty TV box on the lawn on garbage day – are nearly guaranteed to catch a would-be burglar’s attention. This can be avoided by cutting up boxes and placing them in bins beneath other recyclables. If they cannot be read at first glance, burglars are far less likely to take the time to read them.

4. Groom the House Exterior

There are a number of things that can be done to a front or back yard to deter trespassers. Having loose gravel or thick plants, for example, make it very difficult to walk around a yard without creating noise, something burglars strive to avoid. Timed or motion-controlled lights are another good deterrent. Be careful though – lights that create large amounts of shadow or glare, although seemingly useful, are counterproductive, as they make it more difficult for passerby to distinguish a potential robbery.

5. Home Security

As much as the land around the home can be groomed to prevent burglaries, burglar alarm systems are still an excellent investment into keeping the house safe. Having a reliable system in place to secure a house, including an alarm and video cameras, that can contact local police in the event of trouble is one of the best defenses there is against home robbery and should always be looked into and invested in, particularly when the house will be empty for a period of time.

As useful as home alarm systems are, they are not the only thing that can be done to keep a house safe. There is a lot that can and should be done to deter burglars and keep the home safe.

Image Source: Flickr/Creative Commons/Elliott Brown

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