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Do you like to Shop on Amazon? How to Make Sure your Packages Don’t get StolenJanuary 10, 2018

Shopping for anything from baby goods to tech items or even books and stationery on Amazon has become extremely convenient over the years. However, when packages are delivered to your door, they often become prime targets for theft, especially if they are being left unattended for more than a few minutes at a time. Below are some handy tips to prevent theft of your newly acquired possessions.

1. Schedule Delivery to your Office

Package thieves know that many people are out at work all day, which is why Amazon parcels have become such a prime target for theft. One way to alleviate this problem is to have your package delivered directly to your office (or even a trusted friend or relative’s home if they are available during the day). This will prevent them from being left unattended for any length of time until you arrive home from work.

2. Install a Front Door Security Camera

Many package thieves will be deterred form stealing your parcels if they know their moves are being closely monitored. This can be done by installing a security camera which records footage of what takes place around your front door and in your yard.

When choosing a camera, ensure that it is HD and at least 1080p, as this will provide footage clear enough to identify anyone who does still have the nerve to steal your packages off your doorstep. Some cameras are now even kitted with built-in sirens and motion sensors as well.

3. Purchase the Package Guard Device

Although this Frisbee-shaped device may not look like a package protection device, it packs a powerful 100 decibel siren that activates if an unauthorized person attempts to lift your package off of it.

When packages are delivered, you will receive an email or text message confirming this. In the event of a thief trying to remove the package off of the unit, the alarm sounds and you will receive a notification as well. You are able to deactivate the alarm with your phone when you’re ready to retrieve your package.

4. Ask for Signature upon Delivery

When no signature is required on delivery of parcels, it provides an ideal opportunity for package snatchers to strike. To prevent this happening to your parcels, always insist on using the signature delivery option.

If your delivery company fails to adhere to this after it has been requested by you, they can be held liable if your package is stolen, meaning that they would end up having to cover the cost of refunding your or replacing your package.

If you are home when Amazon packages are delivered, it’s also best to bring them indoors as soon as possible. Leaving them out on the porch unnecessarily could invite package thieves to help themselves from your doorstep. Taking as many precautions as possible will help ensure that all of your packages arrive intact and are not stolen.

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