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Wireless Alarm Systems

Are Wired or Wireless Alarm Systems Better?July 8, 2015

Home owners are spoiled for choice when it comes to purchasing alarm systems – regardless of whether they want to install a standard entry level system or one that is more sophisticated. However, there has been much debate over the past few years regarding whether wired home alarm systems are better than wireless systems or not. There are a few important aspects to consider before having either system installed.

The Cost Factor

Wired alarm systems and all of their associated components are generally a lot cheaper to maintain than their wireless counterparts; however, they usually come with higher installation costs because of having to run wiring throughout the house. Wireless home alarms may sometimes be cheaper to install because of the fact that little to no physical wiring is needed, but they can cost more to maintain in the long term, as each components usually required a change of batteries once or twice a year.

Overall Appearance

Many people don’t like the fact that a lot of wiring needs to be installed with a wired alarm system because it can detract from the overall appearance of a home on the inside. Wireless home alarm systems on the other hand have no visible wiring and each component is mounted directly on to a wall or other flat surface and is able to function without having to be wired into the main alarm control panel. In most cases, no visible wiring or unsightly conduits will need to be run for wireless systems, making them an ideal choice for fancier or more upmarket properties.

Obsolescence Factors

When individual components on wired alarm systems go faulty, they can usually be replaced with those of different brands and slightly different specifications if needed. However, if a component from a wireless system goes faulty, it may be necessary to replace the entire installation if the exact replacement part for it cannot be sourced. Wired alarm systems can normally also be used for many years before needing to be replaced, whereas wireless units often have a limited lifespan – especially if numerous other wireless devices are being used within close proximity to it.


Wired alarm systems tend to be quite robust when it comes to being affected by outside interference. Wireless systems on the other hand, tend to be quite finicky. If there are too many other wireless devices being used in the immediate vicinity, they can give off false triggers – or in worst-case scenario, they may not even be able to function properly at all. Even living in close proximity to a cell phone tower site or other site that houses radio frequency equipment can cause a wireless alarm system to malfunction regularly.

Before agreeing to have any home alarm systems installed, property owners should ensure that the company in question is registered with the relevant security authorities and that they have a good reputation. Home owners who would like to discuss which system would be best for their particular situation should not hesitate to contact us.

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