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Back to School Safety Tips for your FamilyAugust 17, 2022

As children start the new school year, it’s essential for parents and caregivers to help prepare them for spending time away from home. Although safety on school property is the responsibility of schoolteachers, the principal and other employees, there are some steps parents can take to help ensure a safe and comfortable learning experience as well.

1. Familiarize Yourself with School Security Protocols

These can include measures such as signing in whenever you need to visit the school for any reason, being escorted by an employee while moving around the property and obtaining the appropriate visitors pass whenever required. Ensuring that you adhere to these rules will also set an excellent example for your children.

2. Chat with your Child about General Safety

Talk to your child about recognizing feelings of fear or uneasiness and explain what they can do in situations where something doesn’t feel right, such as finding a teacher or even dialing 911 in case of emergency. Make sure that your child knows how to get in contact with you or another trusted adult in case of any emergency occurring or if your child needs to be collected from school in a hurry.

If someone makes your child feel uneasy in any way, teach them that it is OK to say “no” and tell a teacher or another trusted adult bout the situation as quickly as possible.

3. Riding the Bus

If your child is using the school bus for the very first time, accompany them to the stop point and show them how to get on and off safely. Teach them to stand approximately six feet from the curb so that they will be out of the way as the bus approaches.

In cases where your child has to cross the road, teach them to walk on the same side of the street until they’re at least two car lengths ahead of the bus. This will make it easier for the driver and other road users to see your child while they’re crossing.

4. Inform School Employees about Emotional or Health Concerns

If your child experiences anxiety or has any other health concerns, it’s essential to notify their teacher and principal. This will help ensure that appropriate measures can be taken to help your child feel at ease, knowing that there are other adults around who will be able to support them as needed.

5. Become Involved

Speak to your child’s teacher or principal to find out how you can help increase safety at the school. This can often be as simple as organizing fellow parents to form a neighborhood watch that is active before and after school hours or even assisting with directing traffic flows outside the school to ensure student safety.

One of the most important aspects to teach your child is to trust their instincts, regardless of how young they are. Taking these steps will go a long way towards ensuring that your child will have a learning experience that is as pleasant as possible.


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