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Be Careful for the Home Alarm System Company Scam – Don’t Fall PreyNovember 24, 2015

Oftentimes, con artists prey on people by making them feel insecure, and then offering a way to resolve that insecurity. That’s exactly what is happening all over the world today as scammers continue to sell fake home alarm systems to consumers. Here are some signs that your salesperson might be selling you an alarm system scam.

#1 – The “Limited Time, Act Now” Spiel

One of the first signs that you are being targeted for an alarm system scam occurs when the salesman says something along the lines of, “We can give you free equipment right now, but you have to sign up today.” They might make that free equipment seem incredibly valuable to essentially trick you into believing that you’re getting a great deal, but they might “forget” to tell you that there is a $99 per month service charge associated with that free equipment, and you’ll be locked into a two-year contract. Pay close attention to the details, and make sure that you don’t fall victim to an alarm system scam like this.

#2 – Undue Pressure and Lack of Professionalism

Another common report among those who are targeted for an alarm system scam has to do with the salespeople. Many individuals report that the sales agents knocked on their door out of the blue and refused to take no for an answer. Some even said that the agents tried to bully their way into the consumer’s homes. If you tell someone “no” on your doorstep and they continue to pressure you, you have a right to close the door. If they continue to pressure you or if you feel that you are being bullied after asking the agent to leave, call the police.

#3 – Scare Tactics

Sometimes, con artists will knock on your door and tell you that there have been numerous robberies in your neighborhood, and they just want you to be safe. Chances are pretty good, though, that you would be aware of a rash of break-ins in your own neighborhood. If you feel that someone is using scare tactics to get you to buy, you might be the target of an alarm system scam.

#4 – Flat Out Lies

Finally, in some cases, scammers may knock on your door and claim to be representatives of your existing alarm company who need to update and replace your current “outdated” system. If you fall prey to this scam, you might get a brand new security system – and a huge monthly bill with an annual service contract from a company you don’t recognize, too. If someone from your security company shows up at your door out of the blue, do not let them inside your home. Call your security company to find out whether they truly sent an agent to your house. Chances are, the answer is no.

Don’t become a victim of an alarm system scam. Remember that a real company will always treat you with nothing but respect and professionalism. What’s more, reputable companies would never send agents to your home to upgrade or replace your system without your prior knowledge.


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