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Boost Security at your Business with External CCTVJuly 7, 2020

More and more business owners are discovering that while having a commercial alarm system installed at their premises provides a certain degree of security, it’s no longer sufficient as a standalone solution for protecting their assets. An external CCTV system can however provide additional security – especially over weekends and vacation periods.

1. Monitor and Record Outdoor Activities

Regardless of where your business premises may be located, chances are that there will be a few parts of the property that are not as well lit as the rest when it’s dark. Having high quality outdoor cameras installed and linked to a CCTV system will not only enable activities that take place during working hours to be recorded; this is by far one of the best solutions for keeping an eye on the property after hours as well.

The overall quality of outdoor cameras has improved so much over the past few years that it’s now possible to obtain extremely clear footage on the darkest of nights – meaning that guesswork will no longer be required with regards to identifying potential burglars.

2. An Additional Theft Deterrent

In most cases, burglars will seek out targets where it’s not only quick and easy to gain access, but also where they know that their activities will not be recorded. This will also provide an ideal opportunity for them to make a quick exit without being seen – unless they are spotted by passers-by.

Most would-be burglars will usually think twice before attempting to break into a property where CCTV cameras are in use because they know that there is a strong possibility of being identified at a later stage.

3. Reduce the Cost of Insurance

Owing to the fact that insurance companies know and understand the benefits of CCTV, this means that several of them now offer decent discount on insurance premiums to business owners who have these systems installed in and around their properties.

When a CCTV system is connected to an existing alarm, it’s sometimes possible to negotiate discount of around 15% to 20% on insurance premiums. However, in cases where you’ve decided to install a setup that not only monitors, but also records activity, you may be able to take advantage of larger discounts on business insurance premiums.

4. Enhance Employee Safety during Working Hours

Employees who feel safe at work will be more inclined to perform better because they won’t have to deal with any added stress in this regard. In the event of a burglary or robbery occurring, footage can be provided to law enforcement so that positive arrests can be made.

CCTV systems can also allow employers to see what is taking place when they aren’t able to be at work. This can be especially beneficial in cases where suspected theft or other non-permitted activities may be taking place.

If you’re keen to enhance security at your business property by having CCTV installed, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants. We look forward to providing you with the peace of mind you deserve with regards to business security.


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