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Business Burglar Alarm

5 Things You Can do to Deter a Burglar From Breaking Into Your BusinessMarch 26, 2014

Owning and operating a business in today’s economy can be quite challenging in itself, not to mention the fact that your business premises can be at risk of being burgled as well. However, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your business premises and the assets inside it are protected.

1. Install an Alarm System with Visible Decals

Research has shown that installing commercial burglar alarms with the appropriately-placed decals around a business premises is one of the easiest ways to deter most burglars. However, simply having the alarm installed will not prevent break-ins alone. You will need to ensure that the alarm is used according to instructions and is properly activated whenever no one is at the premises.

2. Invest in Quality Burglar Proofing

Doors and windows usually provide the easiest access points into a building for intruders. As a result, you should ensure that all of these have been enclosed with burglar proofing and security gates. This in itself may not deter the most determined of criminals, but it will make it extremely difficult for them to gain access. If your alarm system has been set up correctly, any tampering around doors and windows will also see the alarm system being activated.

3. Have Large Dogs on the Premises

If your premises allows for this, having one or two large dogs can also act as an excellent deterrent to burglars. Many people tend to be wary of large dogs, even if they are not actually vicious. It will, however, be essential that these dogs be trained to not accept food or commands from anybody else other than yourself, otherwise they may not be as effective a deterrent as you would like them to be.

4. Consider your Perimeter Fencing

Most burglars look for quick and easy targets, and as a result, will usually bypass those that are more difficult to gain access into. Installing perimeter fencing or boundary walls topped with either razor wire or electric fencing will go a long way in helping to prevent unauthorized access into your business premises. If used in conjunction with commercial burglar alarms, this option is usually one of the best theft deterrents.

5. Hire a Security Guard

If your business premises are in a high risk neighborhood, you may want to consider this option in conjunction with an alarm system and boundary fencing. Having a security guard or two patrolling the building means that any attempts at gaining illegal access to your property will be noticed quickly, and as a result, the necessary actions can be taken before any theft occurs.

Commercial burglar alarms are now more affordable than ever. In many cases, the cost of installing the alarm as well as the monitoring costs can be claimed as a legitimate expense when the time comes to submit your annual business tax returns. This means that there is no longer any reason to postpone installing an alarm system at your business premises.

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