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What Could Happen to your Business if no Commercial Alarm has been InstalledFebruary 7, 2020

A number of business owners still seem to think that they don’t need to outlay any money on having a commercial alarm system installed in their properties. Sadly though, instances of business burglary have increased substantially over the past few years. As such, it makes more sense than ever before to spend a little money to ensure that your property and inventory will remain safe.

1. Loss of Income, Inventory and Production

Thousands of business properties are burgled throughout the country each year, and in most situations, the targeted properties are those where no commercial alarm system has been installed.

Arriving at your business and seeing that you have been burgled it not only emotionally distressing for you and your employees; there is a strong possibility that essential equipment will have been vandalized or stolen in the process as well. This will cause a severe loss of production time, which ultimately causes a loss of income as well, especially in cases where specialized equipment is used.

2. Increased Insurance Premiums

Once your business has experienced a burglary, it won’t only be stressful to deal with getting everything back on track again production-wise; you will most likely also have to deal with communication from your insurance provider stating that increased premiums will now be charged.

In some cases, business owners have noted that their insurance premiums were increased by up to 50% after any type of burglary had been reported. An increase like this could be financially crippling to your company, especially if you own a smaller business.

3. Alarm Systems – Far More than just Loud Sirens

Although many business owners still believe that a commercial alarm system is little more than something that makes a noise, this is by no means the case anymore.

These days, a range of outdoor perimeter beams can be included in a security setup. This can provide an early warning system in the event of intruders gaining access on to your business premises.

An additional security feature that can be included with a siren alarm is a monitored CCTV setup that works inside and outside your premises. In most cases, a would-be burglar will not be too keen to target your property if they know that their activities are going to be monitored and recorded. Another advantage of having a CCTV system that can record activity is that footage from it can be used in court as evidence should the need ever arise. Most alarm companies will be able to offer this type of functionality these days.

There are several options available these days where commercial alarm systems and CCTV surveillance is concerned, which can make it difficult to choose what’s best. However, our experienced team will be able to assist you by performing a full property assessment ahead of time. This will enable them to offer you the most suitable options for monitoring inside and outside your business premises. Contact our team today to learn more.

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