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Commercial Emergency Monitoring is More than Burglary and Fire AlarmsApril 7, 2023

Most commercial buildings and businesses are familiar with emergency monitoring, especially as it pertains to burglary and fire alarm monitoring. However, no two businesses are the same, and many have unique needs. That’s why Sentry Protective offers a wide range of emergency monitoring services, including burglary, fire, water, temperature, and sprinkler monitoring.

Burglary & Fire Alarms

Burglary and fire alarms are crucial for protecting your commercial structure or business, whether it’s an office building or a manufacturing facility. Often, these properties contain hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment, which can make them prime targets for burglars or leave a business vulnerable when they are damaged in a fire. Sentry Protective offers round-the-clock burglary and fire alarm monitoring designed to help prevent and lessen the severity of these disasters.

Water Monitoring

Whether your property is situated on a flood plain or you run a business that requires plenty of water, the ability to monitor your building for excessive water can save it from disaster. For example, pet stores with walls filled with aquariums can quickly lose their stock if a leak isn’t detected quickly. Flooding can render the priceless goods inside an antique store worthless. A burst water line due to sub-freezing temperatures can quickly ruin electronics. Quick response times afforded by water monitoring can save your business hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Temperature Monitoring

In many situations, climate control is critical. Music stores must keep their stock at very precise temperatures and humidity levels to prevent damage, and many stores that sell valuable antiques or furniture are the same. When there are living beings involved – people, plants, and animals – maintaining a specific operating temperature can be vital to their survival. Temperature monitoring is designed to alert property owners if the temperature rises above or below specified limits, which allows faster response times and protects both life and property.

Sprinkler Monitoring

Sprinklers are your commercial property’s first line of defense against fires, so it’s important that they function when you need them to function. If a sprinkler system does not turn on automatically, or if the sprinklers turn on when a fire hasn’t been detected, this indicates a serious problem that must be addressed right away to prevent significant loss of merchandise or equipment. Sentry Protective offers 24/7 commercial sprinkler monitoring designed to protect your property.

While burglary and fire alarms are important to the safety and security of any commercial property, there are several other monitoring options available. From monitoring the presence of water to keeping an eye on the temperature and even ensuring sprinkler systems are working as they should, monitoring can provide commercial property owners with unprecedented peace of mind.


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