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Consider these Measures to Prevent Copper Piping Theft at your Business PropertyApril 15, 2020

In most cases, business owners will only associate theft with instances of burglary that involve the theft of stock. However, a trend that has become extremely popular over the past few years is for copper piping and other copper plumbing fixtures to be stolen off the outside of business properties over weekends and holiday periods. Below are some measures for business owners to take that will make their properties less appealing to copper thieves.

1. Install a Commercial Alarm System

A good quality alarm system still provides one of the best levels of protection for business owners, as it ensures that their properties are taken care of after working hours and over holiday periods.

Most commercial alarm systems now have the ability to be monitored from a smartphone and the alarm company. When having one of these systems installed, it’s strongly recommended that outdoor safety beams be included as part of the package deal. This will provide the business owner and the alarm company with an early warning if copper thieves are somehow still able to gain access to the premises.

2. Include a Monitored CCTV System

Business owners are becoming more aware of how beneficial it is to have the ability to monitor activity in and around their properties outside of operating hours.

CCTV systems not only enable business owners to see what’s happening during working hours if they’re unable to be present; when these systems have been set up to record activity, footage is then able to be used as evidence in court if any arrests are made for trespassing or burglary.

If a CCTV system has been set up to record footage, it’s essential that a sufficient amount of warning signs are placed all over the property to advise of this. Failure to do so could result in footage not being able to be used as evidence in some cases.

3. Consider Employing Security Personnel with Trained Dogs

Another excellent option for deterring would-be copper thieves is to hire the services of security guards that work with trained dogs. In most instances, the mere presence of a large dog and security guard will be enough to prevent anyone from trying to gain unlawful access to a property.

Before taking on anyone in this capacity, a complete criminal and background check must be performed on the potential employee. It’s also strongly recommended to only hire someone that can provide contactable references. These days, many alarm companies will be able to place security guards at your business property on your behalf, meaning that they will already have performed the above mentioned checks.

Before having a commercial alarm system installed, business owners must ensure that they do business with a reputable security service provider. It’s also crucial to choose an alarm and/or CCTV system that will provide proper coverage for the entire business property in question. Contact us today to find out more about the various commercial alarm and security solution options we can offer you.

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