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Crucial Questions to Ask an Alarm Company before Purchasing a Commercial Security SystemJanuary 11, 2022

These days, there are so many different alarm companies available that it can make purchasing the right commercial security system quite challenging. Regardless of the company you eventually choose to work with, it’s imperative that you ask these questions and receive satisfactory answers before even thinking about signing on the dotted line.

1. How Long have you Been in Business?

A number of alarm companies have opened over the past few years, meaning that they are quite new to the security industry overall. A recent trend has seen cable and internet service providers offering alarm systems to clients as well. While this may sound extremely convenient as a bundle offering, would you really want to put the safety of your business in the hands of a company that specializes in providing internet services?

It’s far better to leave the installation of a commercial alarm system to the security industry experts – namely, established alarm companies.

2. Will I Need to Sign a Contract?

Another crucial point to consider before having a commercial alarm system installed is the manner in which your service will be provided. Some providers will allow you to work on a pay as you go or month-to-month basis, while others will only be willing to give service on a long-term contract basis. Although a long term contract may provide a discounted alarm system, you’ll have to pay an early termination fee if you want to cancel your contract due to poor service.

3. What Types of Monitoring are Offered?

Some commercial security systems may only detect intrusion, while others will also offer fire and/or even carbon monoxide level monitoring. As such, you must inquire ahead of time about the type of protection and level of service that your business property will receive from any alarm company you choose to work with.

4. What Happens if Communication Goes Down?

Several commercial alarm systems have gone back to being hard wired, making it a little more secure. However, any burglar worth their salt will know exactly which wires to cut if they intend deactivating a specific setup. This is why you must ask about any backup plans that your alarm service provider has in place should an instance like this occur. Reputable companies should be able to detect when an alarm goes offline so that the police can be notified immediately.

5. What is your Average Time to Respond?

Keep in mind that while most companies advertise quick response times, the time that they are referring to is nothing more than how long it takes for one of their operators to make contact with you. What is really important to know is what the average time will be for the relevant authorities to respond in case of an emergency. The faster your chosen security company can dispatch them to you, the better.

Always remember that quality far outweighs price when it comes to choosing a commercial alarm system provider. Contact us today to find out about the options we can offer for your business premises today.

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