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Deter those Porch Pirates TodayMarch 9, 2021

Over the past few years, more than 30% of individuals who shop online have reported having packages stolen from outside their properties on more than one occasion. While other options such as requiring signature upon delivery or having your goods delivered to your place of work are available as well, these are not always convenient. As such, a few additional solutions do exist to ensure that your packages are not spirited away by ruthless porch pirates.

1. Take Advantage of a CCTV System

A visible CCTV system is one of the best methods to deter package thieves. Several surveys that featured interviews with ex-convicts saw these individuals stating that seeing cameras on a property usually made them think twice about committing a crime there – and many porch pirates would also rather not be caught on camera either.

When having cameras installed, ensure that they are positioned on your porch, close to the front of your house and/or by your garage area because this will allow you to see anyone who sets foot on your property from the roadside. While this may not guarantee the safety of all future package deliveries, porch pirates will certainly think twice because of there being a chance of having someone positively identify them.

2. Install a Video Doorbell

Although cameras work well for deterring package thieves, there’s nothing wrong with including an additional layer of security whenever possible – and a video doorbell can provide exactly what you need for this.

Most of these systems are supplied with a motion sensor, camera unit, a two-way communication module and an app to install on your phone. The motion sensor will detect any movement that occurs on your porch, while the app sends you a notification of such activity.

The camera will show you on your phone who is at your door and the two-way communication module will enable you to talk to whoever appears on your porch. Most porch pirates will take off without their intended loot when they hear and see that their activities are being monitored.

3. Consider Installing a Smart Lock

CTV systems and video doorbells will deter all but the most determined package thieves, but these two options still cannot guarantee the safety of every single package that is left on your porch. Despite having their activities monitored and recorded, some porch pirates will still be brazen enough to make off with your goods anyway.

Unlike standard locks that require physical keys to operate, smart locks allow you to unlock your door remotely. This means that if you’re comfortable with your regular delivery person, you can unlock your door from wherever you are and allow him or her to put your packages safely inside your home instead of leaving them outside. A video doorbell could come in handy in cases like these as well, as you’ll be able to view footage to confirm that packages have been delivered safely.

If you’ve had enough of being targeted by package thieves and would like to ensure that your next shipment not only arrives safely, but stays on your porch until you arrive home, contact us today to find out about the available security options we can offer in this regard.

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