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Effective Tips for Deterring House BurglarsAugust 7, 2020

When the topic of burglary prevention is discussed, most property owners only think of having a home alarm system installed. However, there are in fact several more measures that can be taken in and around your home that will render it a far less appealing target to would-be burglars.

1. Install High Quality Door and Window Locks

When shopping for any locks for your property, it’s crucial that you purchase the very best quality items you can afford. Most cheap locks can be picked or even broken open by an experienced burglar in less than a minute in many cases.

Not only are high quality locks essential; it’s just as important to ensure that they are correctly used – in other words, doors and windows should all be securely locked whenever you leave the house. Any experienced burglar worth his salt will not want to be caught struggling to pick the higher quality locks because they stand a far higher chance of being noticed when doing so.

2. Ensure that your Home doesn’t Look Abandoned

One of the best ways to make your home a less appealing target to burglars is to ensure that it looks lived in. Ensure that your mailbox is not left overflowing with adverts and flyers and that trash is removed from your front yard regularly. It’s also a good idea to keep your lawn neatly cut and keep bushes and shrubs trimmed away from windows and walkways.

Keeping the outside of your home neat and tidy not only increases its curb appeal; it will send a message out to burglars that the inhabitants are extremely observant and will notice any out of the ordinary activity taking place almost immediately.

3. Burn or Tear those Gadget Boxes

Burglars shouldn’t be the only ones who do everything possible to not draw attention to their illicit activities; as a homeowner, you and your family should also ensure that you don’t advertise to your neighbors and the rest of the world that you own an array of costly gadgets, toys, tech devices and clothing.

When purchasing that new TV, costly pair of sneakers, laptop or gaming console, don’t make the mistake of placing the boxes they came in outside in intact condition on trash collection day. Instead, tear the boxes into pieces o even burn them in your fire pit. This will prevent outsiders from knowing what is inside your home.

4. Don’t Invite Temptation

Instances of burglaries where items such as mobile phones, watches, laptops and jewelry are stolen by removing them off a bedside or coffee table placed near open windows are escalating dramatically. While it is convenient to have these items close by, keep in mind that it can be just as convenient for a burglar to stick his or her hands through the window and make off with them without being noticed.

If your current home alarm system is not providing you with as much coverage and protection as you’d like it to, contact us today. We can schedule an appointment for one of our sales representatives to meet with you and provide a range of effective options in this regard.

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