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Why an Emergency Exit Drill is Crucial for your HomeJanuary 10, 2020

No homeowner wants to ever imagine a worst case scenario such as a fire or home invasion taking place, but the harsh reality is that it’s essential for each family member to be fully prepared so they will know what to do if something does goes wrong. As such, now is the right time to discuss this crucial issue with your family.

1. If an Emergency Occurs

When danger strikes, many people tend to freeze completely or enter a state of panic – neither of which helps the situation at hand. This is why it’s essential to plan a family exit drill well in advance and practice it on a regular basis. Once each member of your family knows exactly what to do in case of an emergency, everyone stands a far better chance of coming out of a bad situation unscathed. Although many parents don’t want to discuss matter like this with younger children, most elementary schools are already practicing intruder lockdown drills anyway.

2. If a Fire Breaks Out

Although it’s easy to plot standard escape routes from each room on the first floor in your home in the event of a fire breaking out, it’s even more important to focus on second story exit points. It’s essential to discuss potential bedroom escape routes with each family member so that there is less chance of confusion occurring if a fire starts. It’s normally recommended that the nearest window be used to climb out of. However, if this is not possible, teach everyone to stand in clear view of the window so that rescuers can see him or her immediately upon arrival.

3. In the Event of a Break-in

Should a break-in or home invasion occur, it’s important to keep calm and not make eye contact with an intruder at all. Some thieves are merely after tech devices and other fancy gadgets, and have no intention of causing any harm to you or your family. As such, they should be allowed to take whatever items they want without objection. It’s always important to remember that possessions can be replaced, whereas a family member’s life cannot.

In cases where an intruder intends harming you or your family, do everything possible to follow your preplanned escape route. If possible, dial 911 at the same time so that assistance can be provided.

4. Know your Home

Each home will have its own characteristics and features that can be used when planning various emergency exit routes. For instance, a large first floor bedroom window could be broken in case of emergency or a door leading to an upstairs patio could provide an alternative escape route.

Families with young kids or elderly parents, or disabled persons will need to take these aspects into consideration when planning their emergency exit plan as well. They key though, is to ensure that everyone will be able to exit your home safely in the event of an emergency situation occurring.


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