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Home Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Tips for the HomeDecember 29, 2014

Many home owners are under the impression that they will not fall prey to house fires or other similar life-threatening incidents. However, a fire can completely consume a double story house in as little as 10 minutes or less, resulting in immeasurable damage being done to property and in more severe cases, unnecessary injury or even loss of innocent lives. Here are just a few fire prevention tips for home owners.

Install Smoke Detectors

While this may seem like an obvious fire safety tip, many home owners fail to make use of smoke detectors. Although many homes only have one or two of these devices installed, it is recommended that they be present in each room, as well as in hallways and basements. Once they have been installed, it is recommended that they be inspected and tested twice a year to ensure that they are functioning properly. In many cases, smoke detectors can be linked to home alarm systems, enabling the fire department to be notified immediately in the event of a fire starting.

Keep Fire Extinguishers on Hand

Although fire extinguishers are usually only associated with business premises, every home should have at least two of these devices on hand – one in the kitchen and another in the garage. In the event of a small fire breaking out, an extinguisher can help contain it until experienced firefighting personnel arrive to assist. If the fire is small enough, it can even be extinguished completely. It is important for home owners to note though, that if a fire gets out of control too quickly, it is best to evacuate the home and wait for firefighters to arrive and do the job instead.

Inspect Older Appliances Periodically

Many house fires start as a result of faulty appliances that short out or wiring that overheats. As a result, it is recommended that home owners inspect older appliances for signs of wear and tear on the plug tops as well as on the appliance cord itself. If a plug top or cord on an appliance becomes overly warm when it is in use, it is best to replace it as soon as possible. Appliance repairs should only be carried out by experienced technicians, as this will ensure that the repair work meets current electrical safety standards.

Teach Children about Fire Safety

Children should be taught from a young age that fire is not something that should be played with under any circumstances. Matches, candles, lighters and any flammable liquids should always be kept well out of the reach of children – except when they have been given permission to use them while under close adult supervision. It is also important to teach children how to evacuate a house quickly and safely in the event of a fire breaking out.

Fire prevention in the home is everyone’s responsibility. Ensuring that safety measures have been put in place and that each family member knows what to do in case of an emergency will help prevent serious injuries or losses from occurring. It is also recommended that a fire drill be practiced with all family members once to twice a year.

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