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Next Level Home Security

How to Take your Home Security to the Next LevelApril 26, 2016

Although regular security systems such as house alarms and fire detection units perform a fantastic job of protecting your loved ones, there are some cases where they simply aren’t enough anymore – especially if you live in an area with rising crime rates. Below are some additional ways to improve your home’s security level.

Add Surveillance Cameras and Intercoms

When installed around your property, good quality surveillance cameras will allow you to see what’s happening – even down at the furthest corner of your property – without having to physically go outside. Newer systems can be set up in such a way that they can deliver live feed or snapshots to your phone or computer hard drive whenever they detect movement. Adding an intercom system can add to this level of security because it will let you hear and see anyone at your door without having to open it. Some of the later models can be remotely accessed as well.

Use Lighting to your Advantage

Virtually any form of illuminating light can be an excellent deterrent to would-be burglars because they certainly don’t want anyone to see what they are doing inside a property that is not theirs. Some types of lights can be connected to alarm and/or sensor systems, which will enable them to flash, turn on if motion is detected anywhere or even light up a pathway to your door in case of an emergency. Some timer units that are now available can be set up in such a way that they will turn random lights on and off at varying times of day to give your home a lived-in look.

Electric Window Shades and Talking Audio Systems

Motorized window shades can help protect your privacy as well. They can be programmed to open and close at specific times or even be hooked to motion sensors that will open or close when you enter a room(depending on personal preference). If you’d like to get your money’s worth from your brand new audio system, you can consider using it to play pre-recorded messages such as, “Your actions are being monitored,” or “You are being watched. Leave the property immediately.” Connecting a motion sensor to the audio system will enable these messages to only play if they detect movement – otherwise they could become quite annoying for neighbors who are close by.

Motorized Gates and Garage Doors

Although many people think that automated driveway gates and garage doors are for lazy folk, this is no longer true. Not having to get out of your vehicle to open and close gates or garage doors can be a literal lifesaver, especially if you live in an area that feels unsafe and you have to come and go from your home alone or with young children. Most new gate and garage openers are fitted with battery backup, which means that you will not be left stranded when the power goes out.

When connecting any devices to your existing home alarm system, it’s important to ensure that they do not affect its normal operation in any way. Once devices like those mentioned above are in operation in and around your home, you will be able to enjoy feeling safer than ever before.

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