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Home Alarm Checklist

How do you Know if you Should Have an Alarm SystemJune 9, 2014

If you’re a homeowner, you have probably been encouraged to install an alarm system at some point, but may have wondered whether or not doing so was actually necessary. Here are some things to think about that will let you know whether or not a home alarm system is right for you.

 1. There’s been a sudden influx of crime in your neighborhood

If there’s been a rash of break-ins in your neighborhood lately, it could be time to have an alarm system installed. Burglars tend to work certain areas in waves, and like to target homes without security systems more so than ones with them. By getting an alarm system now, thieves might actually decide to bypass your house in favor of another that would be easier to gain access to. If you wait until after there has been a break-in, you’ve waited too long.

2. You have elderly relatives that stay by themselves often

The idea of being at home during a break-in is frightening enough for the average person, but it’s even scarier for the elderly and infirm. These family members would be especially vulnerable during a home invasion, which is why you should consider having an alarm system installed for their protection. Not only will doing so give them peace of mind, but it will also make you feel a lot better about leaving them at home alone while you are working or running errands.

3. Your home is frequently left unoccupied

Perhaps you travel regularly on business, or use your home only seasonally. If this is the case, don’t think potential intruders won’t notice. In fact, they could be scoping out your property right now, just waiting for the ideal moment to strike. Since you can’t always be around to keep an eye on things, the next best thing is a home alarm system that will notify the authorities (and you) in the event of a break-in. That way, you can be free to focus on more important things during your absence.

4. You are concerned about a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning

If you burn wood or regularly use space heaters, you are more likely to suffer a house fire than others are. You’re also more prone to carbon monoxide gas leaking into your home as well. Carbon monoxide is odorless, can strike without warning, and could be deadly whenever it does. One of the benefits to having a home alarm system is the fact that it also acts as a warning for smoke or carbon monoxide, and could therefore save your life during a disaster. You could also obtain a discount on your homeowner’s insurance simply by having this additional protection as well.

These are only a few reasons to consider having an alarm system installed in your home. Home alarm systems are easy to program, dependable, and can provide you with peace of mind. They are also affordable, which means there is virtually no reason not to take advantage of them.

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