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How Excellent Security Can Facilitate Business GrowthJune 8, 2022

A successful business can be attributed to numerous things, which range from a quality product or service to a reputable and trustworthy brand reputation. Along those same lines, businesses can fail for an endless number of reasons, too. Believe it or not, excellent security can actually help facilitate business growth. Here’s what every business owner needs to know.

How Crime Affects Small Businesses in the United States

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, roughly 30% of all small business failures are directly or indirectly related to some sort of crime. Shoplifting, vandalism, fraud, and even embezzlement occur at record rates across the nation, which means business owners must be diligent when it comes to their security. This is why good security systems are so very important in today’s business world. They allow business owners to keep watch over every aspect of their companies’ operations and keep both internal and external crime in check.

Crime Hurts in the Long Run

Too often, small business owners put off investing in good security. They do this because they trust their employees and because they don’t believe that major theft or embezzlement can happen to them. Unfortunately, it can and does – and it happens every single day across the nation. Without security footage, companies that end up going under over the course of a year or more have little to no means of recourse. In other words, they simply don’t have any way to prove the theft, which makes it virtually impossible to recover.

The Right Equipment is Key

The services and equipment designed for use in commercial settings are quite different from those in your home. As such, utilizing an older home security camera and monitoring system in your business is nowhere near as beneficial as investing in a new security system that was specifically designed with your business’s needs in mind. Take the time to determine the right type and amount of security for your company – both inside and out. Then, make sure that your system is being monitored by a third party around the clock. When it comes to thefts, a quick response is critical.

Security Can Serve as a Theft Deterrent

Investing in thorough security for your business is the best way to deter theft – both internal and external – before it even begins. Criminals are far less likely to commit a theft when they know they are being monitored, so a security system can be viewed as a critical investment. In fact, your insurance provider knows that security is the best deterrent and is very likely to offer a significant discount once you have your security system installed. This can help you save even more.

Although it may be difficult for you to imagine one of your employees, clients, or customers purposely stealing from you, it happens more often than you might think. A modern security system is one of the best ways to protect your business from the very start, and with time, it can even help facilitate your company’s growth.

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