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How Home Alarms are Making the World a Better PlaceMarch 9, 2016

There is something comforting about knowing your home alarm is working while you are out and about, but what are the true benefits of having a home alarm? The answers may be surprising. From crime reduction to health assistance, money savings and peace of mind, home alarms have a wide variety of values for consumers of all ages.

Crime Reduction

According to a comprehensive five-year study completed by Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice, the presence of a home alarm significantly reduces crime in a neighborhood. The study found that in areas with an increase home alarm systems, there was a correlating reduction of burglaries as well as overall crime rates. Criminals are less likely to target homes with alarm systems. Since 85% of burglaries occur when the home is unoccupied, home alarms help provide a watchful eye when the homeowner is not around.

Health and Protection

Many people rely on their home alarms for their very health and protection. Seniors in particular are living better lives with the security of medical pendant alarms that provide them with much-needed assistance during emergencies and accidents. People with medical conditions, illnesses, severe injuries or who are otherwise homebound count on their alarm systems to help them stay safe on a daily basis, allowing them to remain in the comfort and safety of their own homes instead of checking into nursing centers.

Discounts and Home Value

When most people hear the term home alarm, they are unlikely to visualize savings to be had. Having an alarm actually does provide monetary benefits. Homeowner insurance companies now provide consumers up to a 20% discount off of their insurance rates after realizing how effective alarms can be in crime prevention. The presence of a security system can also help raise the value of your home and neighborhood, increasing the likelihood of good neighbors moving in as well as a more lucrative sale when putting the home up in the real estate market.

Sense of Safety

Peace of mind is one of the most underrated benefits from a home alarm system. Being able to sleep at night and worry less when away from home are invaluable aspects of owning a house alarm. Individuals who live alone and parents who work long hours can especially use the simple, easy protection that an alarm provides. Alarms that detect carbon monoxide poisoning can literally save lives. The convenience of remotely viewing your home is helpful to parents with babysitters or older children at home, and being able to control energy resources like heat and light from far away reduces stress levels from feeling as if you left something on all day while you are at work.

With 50% of robberies occurring through unlocked doors, a common sense approach to crime prevention and safety is a wise plan. As more individuals use home alarms that deter criminal activity in entire neighborhoods and help provide protection and safety to themselves and their families, it is easy to see how home alarms are making the world a better place. 

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