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How Keeping up with your Yard Could Prevent a Break-InSeptember 14, 2015

Homeowners often go to great lengths to ensure their homes are secure. In order to remain safe, you must do more than just maintain the locks on your doors and windows, as keeping your yard in good condition is also necessary. Here are a few ways keeping up with your yard could help prevent a break-in.

Keeping Grass Mowed

Burglars often case different neighborhoods looking for homes to break into. One thing that often attracts their attention is tall grass. Tall grass can be a sign that no one is living in a home, or it might also mean its occupants are away. An unmowed yard is therefore likely to attract more attention than other yards with well-manicured lawns. If you must be away from your home for any period of time, hiring someone to look after your grass is highly recommended.

Trimming Bushes

Bushes that are unkempt may also lead people to believe the homeowners are rarely ever there. Not only that, but it could also give intruders a place to hide while they are attempting a break-in. This is especially true if shrubbery is located in dark corners of a home that are also near windows or other openings. In fact, many thieves will target a home with overgrown shrubbery even if the grass is well trimmed, simply because they will have concealment. This means that in addition to cutting the lawn, it’s also important to trim shrubs and bushes on a regular basis.

Keep Driveway Well Maintained

A poorly maintained driveway can also attract attention, giving the illusion that a home is empty when in fact it actually may not be. Thieves will naturally be attracted to homes with driveways that contain broken asphalt, pot holes, or weeds growing throughout them. That’s because they may believe that no one actually drives on these surfaces on a regular basis, because they would repair them if they did. While keeping a driveway well maintained can deter thieves, it is still a good idea to have someone else park a vehicle in your driveway whenever you plan to be gone for an extended period so it won’t appear as though your residence is unoccupied.

Don’t Let Newspapers Pile

A telltale sign that people are away occurs whenever you allow newspapers to pile outside your front door. When leaving town for a few days, you should temporarily halt any newspaper or magazine subscriptions you may have to prevent this from happening. Avoid making online orders so that packages do not have to sit on your doorstep, or have a friend go by your home and pick up anything that might have been left there.

Giving the vibe that your home regularly has people coming and going is one of the best ways to prevent burglaries. After getting your yard in good condition, you may want to install a security system, as homes with alarms are much less likely to be broken into.

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