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How Technology Is Shaping the Home Security IndustryJuly 22, 2014

A few decades ago, being conscious of home security meant little more than ensuring that house windows were closed and all doors were locked before heading out for the day or on vacation for a few weeks. However, as criminals have become more cunning with their methods over the past few years, home alarm systems and other security devices have had to become a lot more sophisticated in order to compensate for this.

Wireless Technology

Traditional wired alarm systems have certainly served their purpose over the past few decades. However, most wired security technology is fast making way for more updated wireless options. These are usually more affordable to install than wired products and they are also less prone to creating false alarm signals (which can amount to as much as 90% of signals sent out on wired devices). An added advantage of wireless home alarm systems is that, if a malfunction occurs, it is far easier to locate and determine the cause of the problem.

Integration with Cameras

A few years ago, it was unheard of for home owners to be able to see what was going on in their homes if they were not there. However, with the development of integrated closed circuit camera systems, this has now become reality. Many of these systems are also able to record the camera footage on to a computer hard drive, which in turn can provide invaluable evidence in the case of a burglary. Concerned parents who leave their children in the care of others during the day can also ensure their child’s safety by being able to monitor activity in and around the home while they are at work. This can be done by logging into a secure website to monitor the footage via computer or even a Smart Phone.

Security-Related Smart Phone Apps and Integration with Emergency Services

Thanks to the numerous security-related Smart Phone apps that are available these days, home owners can now do virtually anything, from activating a home alarm system to turning lights on or off or even controlling the central heating in their homes home, by using apps. Most new alarm systems also have the ability to be directly linked to major emergency services such as police, fire departments and medical response teams. This functionality provides much-needed peace of mind to elderly people who live alone as well as to parents who have children that are home during the day because help can usually be summonsed with the push of a button if it is required at any time.

As we can see, home alarm systems and their accompanying technological advances have become smarter and more convenient than ever. This means that there is no longer any reason for you to still be using systems that are outdated or malfunctioning. When considering which home alarm system will be best for you, it is recommended that you spend as much as you can comfortably afford to, as it is impossible to put a price tag on your family’s safety.

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