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How to Keep your Children Safe at HomeDecember 16, 2014

It’s not always possible to be with your children, as it is sometimes necessary to leave them home alone. When leaving them at home, child safety should be a top priority. Aside from having a home alarm installed, there are several other things you can do to help your kids remain safe.

Make Sure Kids are Informed

Children who know what to do in the event of an emergency are less likely to suffer damage as a result. Make sure your children know their full name, address, telephone number and the number of someone other than yourself whom they can call on for help. Teach them how to call 911, and make sure they understand the purpose for doing so. You should also reinforce the idea of not opening the door to strangers, and never letting anyone else know they are home alone.

Establish Firm Rules

Give children age-appropriate rules to follow when it comes to cooking or having friends over. Go over these rules ahead of time so they fully understand them. Make it easy for your children to remember the rules by posting signs where appropriate. You should also provide consequences for disobeying your rules. Make the punishment fit the offense, and be appropriate for each child’s age and maturity level. Let your kids know that just because you’re not home doesn’t mean you won’t find out if they break the rules either.

Install Good Locks

Make sure you have strong locks on all windows and doors to prevent people from breaking and entering. Patio doors should be secured with a dowel rod to prevent them from being forced open. There should also be a peephole on your door that will allow kids to see who is outside before they open it. If you live in a high crime neighborhood, you may want to consider having bars installed on your windows as well. Make sure there are no trees or shrubbery near the front of your house where intruders could hide at night. The exterior of your home should also be well lit with no dark shadows. If your home isn’t attractive to thieves, they’ll be less likely to target it in the first place.

Adopt a Dog

It’s no secret that burglars tend to avoid homes where dogs are present. Not only is there a risk of being bitten, but a barking dog also gives people away. Having a dog will not only prevent burglars, but simply having an animal around can be comforting to your children as well. If your children are afraid to stay home alone, just knowing a dog is there to protect them can help put their minds at ease. German shepherd, Chow Chow, Belgian sheepdogs and Tibetan mastiffs are all breeds that are known to be fiercely protective.

Child safety is something that doesn’t just happen, but instead it should be carefully planned for. Having children stay home alone is never easy, but it can be much less worrisome when these child safety tips are followed.

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