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How to Keep Your Home Safe While TravelingMarch 7, 2019

Family vacations are a wonderful way to experience new things and make lasting memories. If you’re worried about the safety of your home (and all the belongings therein), however, it can really put a damper on the festivities.

While it’s true that homes are targeted often while families are on vacation, you don’t have to be another statistic. Reduce the risks of falling victim to an empty house burglary by making sure you do all the following before your next big trip.

Alarm Security System

An alarm security system works whether you’re home or away. A loud alarm (sometimes with flashing lights) is meant to scare away intruders before they have a chance to do damage or steal anything. If the system is monitored, then the police will also be immediately notified.

Security Cameras

Security cameras will not stop someone from entering your home or taking something, but they do provide visual evidence as to who the criminal was. In addition to information on the person’s physical description, security cameras can also sometimes catch license plates or provide details on what was stolen.

Have Someone Check In

If you have someone you trust enough to allow in your home while away, have them check-in once a day or every other day. This could be a close friend, family member, neighbor, or even a coworker. Ask them to bring in the newspaper and mail. Piles of these items can signal to others that nobody is home.

Stop Your Mail

If you plan on taking a vacation longer than three days, it might be a good idea to have your mail held at the post office. As mentioned above, piles of unopened mail left sitting in your box is a solid signal to possible intruders that nobody is home.

Leave One Light On

Leaving one light on could have potential burglars second guessing themselves and moving on to an easier target. Even better? If you have a smart home system you can set the lights to alternate on and off at certain hours. You can even manually do this through your smart phone or tablet, depending on the exact system you have.

Don’t Post Socially Until You’re Home

Almost everyone has a social media account, these days. It can be a great way to share photographs and fun events from your vacation with your friends and family. But don’t post them until you get home, and don’t tell the world when you’ll be gone. You never know who could see your profile and realize you aren’t at home.

Nix the Check-Ins

Ah, check-ins. While a fantastic way to show support for places you frequent, they also tell everyone you are somewhere other than home. While on vacation, avoid checking in anywhere.

If you follow the above safety protocol you can greatly reduce the risk that your home will be the victim of burglary while you’re away on vacation. That way you can enjoy your quality family time without the anxiety.


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