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How to Pick the Right Alarm System CompanyJuly 15, 2014

When searching classified ads or driving through the streets, there is clearly no shortage of advertising available for security companies. This can make choosing the right home alarm system company a rather daunting task. However, there are a few important things to look for before signing on the dotted line with any of these businesses.

Ask for Referrals

Before choosing an alarm company to install a security system in your home, it’s wise to seek referrals. Take a drive through your neighborhood and see which companies seem to have the most signage up, as this is normally an indication that they have not only have a prominent presence there, but that they also offer their customers great service. If possible, speak with a few neighbors and ask about the products and service that they have received from these companies over the years and whether they would recommend them to you or not.

Don’t Base your Decision on Price Alone

Most customers will fall into the trap of selecting a home alarm system company that offers the cheapest prices or even a free alarm system. However, alarm companies who have prices that are substantially lower than their competitors may not be able to offer you service when required and they may also be using sub-standard products during the installation process. Numerous companies will also only provide you with a so-called free alarm system if you are willing to sign a one, two or even three year contract with them. Always be wary of these offers, as you may not be able to cancel your contract if you find that you are not happy with the service at a later stage.

Ensure that Employees are Certified

Before signing any paperwork with an alarm company, make inquiries as to whether their employees have been trained and certified by Electronic Security Association’s National Training Schools. Using trained technicians will not only ensure that your alarm is installed according to current industry standards; it will also ensure that the overall quality of the alarm installation is nothing less than excellent. If your state requires that alarm technicians be licensed, it is wise to ask for proof of this before agreeing to an installation.

Inquire about Support

We’ve all heard horror stories of alarm systems that have malfunctioned when they have been needed the most. It is crucial to ensure that your chosen alarm company provides you with access to a 24-hour emergency support line, not only for technical issues, but also for when an emergency situation occurs. If a company representative is not able to provide you with a direct answer in this regard, you will be far better off choosing another company instead, as you are literally putting your life and those of your family members in the hands of the alarm company after singing their contract.

Following these steps will help ensure that finding the right home alarm system company is easier than ever. You will also be provided with the peace of mind in knowing that, should an emergency occur, your family and possessions will be in safe hands.

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