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How to Protect your Entire Property Not Just your House from BurglarsMarch 1, 2016

As more people than ever are facing job cuts and unemployment, instances of burglary look set to continue rising all over the country. This is why it has become crucial to ensure that it is as difficult as possible for burglars to gain access to your home. Below are a few great ideas to help ensure that your property is as protected as possible.

Don’t Advertise your Vacation

The rise of social media usage has resulted in more and more people publicly advertising the fact that they will be going on vacation to an exotic location or even to the next town to visit family. However, you need to remember that would-be burglars also know how to use Facebook, which means that, by doing this; you will be letting everyone out there know that your home is going to be unoccupied for a specified length of time. Although it can be fun to share photos while you are away, it is best to only share them after returning home. In fact, some insurance firms now refuse to pay out claims if they discover that you have advertised on social media that you are going to be away.

Install Perimeter Beams

An excellent way to protect your entire property against burglary is to have perimeter beams installed throughout your yard. These work by setting off an alarm as soon as a would-be burglar enters your property and ‘breaks’ the beam by walking ‘through’ them. This is a fantastic deterrent in that it usually sends all but the most determined of burglars packing almost immediately because most of them don’t want to advertise that they are in fact trespassing. If you have pets, it is necessary to install these at least two to three feet above ground level, as this will prevent them being triggered unnecessarily.

Protect Sheds and Outbuildings

Many people make the mistake of not bothering to lock or secure sheds and other outside buildings because ‘no one can see them from outside.’ However, if these buildings are relatively secluded in your back yard, it provides an idea cover for a burglar to take a look around and make off with anything that he or she finds appealing. In addition, these buildings usually house ladders and other items that can be used to gain access to upper level windows and/or doors that may have been left open. Always ensure that sheds and other outside buildings have doors that can be locked and windows that can be securely latched from the inside when they are not in use.

Another great way to protect your entire property against the possibility of a burglary is to ensure that you get to know your neighbors. This will enable you to look after each other’s properties in the event of anyone going on vacation and it allows you to quickly spot anyone new who may be lurking in your neighborhood. If you would like to find out more about installing outdoor yard beams, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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