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Home Protection

How to Protect your Home at all TimesDecember 30, 2015

Home protection is one of the essential elements of owning a house. You need to do your very best to make sure that you keep your family, your possessions, and your privacy safe at all times. But how to you make sure that your home is protected when you’re not there? Does a simple lock on the door suffice, or do you need more? Here you will find an examination of all the essential steps you should take to make sure your home stays safe.

Trim Back Overgrown Landscape

If your house has a lot of bushes or trees outside, you offer ideal places for a potential intruder to hide and spy on your home. While you don’t need to scrap your home landscaping projects, you should make sure that you keep any vegetation neatly trimmed back as much as possible. For your home protection, you should also make sure that no trees or other foliage would allow a person easy access to any second- or third-story windows that your house might have.

Be Aware of Who Might be Watching

Even when you’re at home, you should be aware of who might be looking in through your windows. People passing by or in your neighbors’ lots might have clear sight lines into your house, which could give them an idea of your daily routine, where you keep your valuables, and where the entries and exits are. If people in the street or in other yards have the ability to easily see into your home, you should make sure to draw the curtains and blinds, especially at night.

Take Care of your Boxes

When somebody buys a new entertainment system, video game console, or even phone, it’s common to toss out the box. If the box is particularly large, that means putting it on the curb in plain view, which is essentially advertising your new purchase to unscrupulous passersby. If possible, it is better to save these boxes – after all, they make for good storage and can be used for shipping purposes. If you don’t want to save the boxes, at least break them down and position them in a way that doesn’t show them off to the rest of the neighborhood.

Think About Your Social Media

Think about how your social media use might affect your home protection. If you post photos often, are you giving complete strangers a photo-by-photo blueprint of your home? When you go on vacation, do you post about it and announce how long you’ll be away from your house? If you wouldn’t show total strangers the interior of your home or tell them what your vacation plans are, make sure you don’t do that online, either.

In the end, home protection is a fairly simple matter as long as you keep looking at your actions through the lens of security. As long as you make sure that you keep the exterior of your home safe and don’t allow too many people an intimate glimpse of the interior, you will be able to keep your home safe at all times.

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