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Holiday Safety

How to Protect your Home during the Upcoming Holiday SeasonNovember 16, 2017

A number of home break-ins occur near the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, when many people are traveling. If you are planning an out-of-town excursion, here are a few measures you should take in order to protect yourself.

Keep Plans a Secret

When it comes to holiday travel, the fewer people that know about your plans the better. In other words, the last thing you need to do is post about taking a cruise or going out of town to visit relatives.

Even too much off-line chatter isn’t a good idea. After all, you never know when one person will tell another individual who will then tell someone else with poor intentions. But don’t keep your vacation a complete secret. Tell a trusted neighbor or friend who can help you keep an eye on your place while you’re gone. Make sure you choose someone whom you can trust to keep his or her mouth shut.

Don’t be too Obvious

Criminals have been casing houses far longer than people have been posting on social media. In fact, they still rely on casing to help narrow down their targets.  As such, you should ensure your home doesn’t stand out to anyone with ill intentions by:

  • Having mail, newspaper, and package deliveries halted.
  • Setting your lights on a timer.
  • Getting someone to shovel your sidewalk or driveway.
  • Asking your neighbor to put out your trash bins on pickup day.
  • Having a friend park his or her car in your driveway overnight.

Deter them Anyway

The majority of break-ins are perpetrated by someone residing within two miles of a given property. This means you could be targeted long before you make holiday travel plans. Even if burglars do pinpoint your home, you can deter them anyway. Here are a few pointers:

  • Keep drapes closed so that others cannot see what’s inside. If intruders don’t know what’s inside, they may not want to chance breaking in.
  • Take boxes to a recycling center. The last thing you want to do is advertise that you’ve just gotten a new television.
  • Maintain shrubbery to ensure it does not provide concealment.
  • Install landscape lighting to eliminate dark corners where trespassers might hide.
  • Place bars on all first floor windows and doors.

Consider a Security System

One of the best ways to deter crooks is by installing a home security system. Many times, even the presence of an alarm system is enough to keep burglars at bay. A study performed by students at the University of North Carolina showed that 60% of convicted burglars chose another home after learning their target was equipped with a security system. Further, statistics from the FBI show that among houses with alarm systems, 60% of attempted burglaries are unsuccessful.

Keep this Season Bright

You’ve looked forward to your holiday plans all year. Don’t let the thought of a seasonal break-in keep you from enjoying time with friends and family. Follow the above tips to keep the odds of becoming a crime victim as minimal as possible.



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