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Vacation Home Protection

How to Protect Your Home when You Leave for VacationJune 23, 2015

As much as 60% of families go on vacation during the summer months. This often means that their homes are left standing vacant during this time, making them prime targets for burglary. This need not be the case though, as there are numerous ways in which home owners can protect their properties while they are away.

Install and Use an Alarm System

One of the most effective forms of home protection remains that of an alarm system. The systems that are available nowadays not only ensure that the contents inside a home are protected; when connected to CCTV systems, they are able to monitor and record any suspicious activities taking place outside as well. Perimeter beams can be connected to these systems as well, which will alert the alarm company before a would-be intruder is able to gain access to the home itself.

Don’t Forget Yard Maintenance

When planning vacations for longer than a few days, it is important to have someone keep up with the yard work – an overgrown property is a sure sign that no one is home or has been home for a while. Home owners who use lawn care companies should ensure that they do not cancel their services while they are away. Alternatively, have a neighbor pop in to cut the lawn or even trim a few bushes at least once a week, as this will give the illusion of someone being at home.

Suspend Deliveries and Subscriptions

Another aspect that would-be burglars look out for is overstuffed mailboxes or unopened packages on front porches. As a result, it is recommended that any form of subscriptions and deliveries be suspended until home owners have returned from vacation. This will not only keep the mailbox and porch empty; in more extreme cases, it can help prevent mail containing sensitive and personal information from being stolen and used to commit identity fraud.

Lock up before Leaving

Before leaving on vacation, home owners should ensure that all doors are locked, windows are latched and that no valuables can be easily seen from outside – what cannot be seen cannot be wanted. If possible, curtains or blinds should be drawn on lower level windows to prevent anyone from looking inside as well. Garages and outdoor storage sheds should be properly locked and garden tools, outdoor toys and other accessories should be packed out of sight as well.

Know the Neighbors

When everyone in a neighborhood knows each other, it is easy to spot newcomers and suspicious persons who may be lurking in the area. Doing this also helps to build a sense of community, which in turn enables everyone to look out for everyone else – regardless of whether they are on vacation or not. This is one of the best forms of home protection that any neighborhood or suburb can offer.

Taking the necessary precautions before going away will help ensure that everything is as it should be when getting back home again. When installing a home alarm system, it is important to ensure that it is being supplied and fitted by a reputable and suitably registered alarm company.


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