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Confronting a Burglar

How to Talk to a Burglar if You Should Ever Come Face to FaceJune 8, 2016

Encountering a burglar in your home can be a highly traumatic experience for you and your family. However, should the situation ever arise, it is crucial that you handle it as calmly as possible. Take a look at the handy tips below, each of which will help ensure that your family is kept as safe as possible.

Be as Cooperative as Possible

If you are unfortunate enough to encounter an intruder face to face, it is crucial that you remain as cooperative as possible. Speak as clearly and normally as possible and inform them that you are willing to comply with their demands. In most cases, this will prevent you or your family from harm. It is also imperative that you make no sudden moves, as these could be deemed as threatening – which could result in you being badly injured. It is also imperative that you avoid eye contact as far as possible, as an intruder could interpret this as aggressive and think that you are doing so to try and identify him later.

Give Them What They Want

In cases where you and your family are subject to a home invasion, it is important to not withhold information from the intruders. As far as possible, give them what they want – many demand bank information and electronic items such as laptops and phones. If you have to move in order to give intruders this information, inform them before you do so, as they may think that you are trying to access a weapon or call for help – both of which can result in someone being injured. Never try to fight back unless you know that you will be able to do so without you or your family being harmed in the process.

Prevention is better than Cure

Although there is no way to guarantee that you will never have to come face to face with a burglar in your home, there are a few measures you can implement to make your home a less appealing target to would-be intruders. As many home invasions tend to occur in the evenings, it is recommended that doors be kept locked or security gates be installed over them to allow fresh air to circulate. Front and back doors should be solid wood and be properly installed into frames, as this will make it extremely difficult to kick them open. Garages should also be kept closed when not in use, as these can provide an easy and unguarded entry point into your home.

In addition to the above measures, installing outdoor perimeter beams around your property will alert you to the fact that an intruder may be present. This will give you the required amount of time to send out a distress signal to your alarm company and in most cases, they will send someone out to assist you. If you would like further information on outdoor perimeter beams or other alarm systems components, contact us today.

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