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Commercial Alarm Systems

Is it Time to Upgrade your Commercial Alarm System?April 22, 2021

Several business owners make the mistake of not giving their commercial alarm systems a second thought – until such time as something goes wrong. Having an incident such as a burglary occur when there is a security system already in place could indicate that it isn’t capable of providing sufficient coverage or that one or more of its components have become obsolete. Below are some indications that it’s time to perform an upgrade.

1. It’s Been more than a Few Years Since it was Installed

As your business changes and grows, so will its security requirements. These days, a commercial alarm system can be fully customized to suit virtually any type of business environment and items such as smoke detectors; water and heat sensors and a number of other devices can be connected to them as well.

If your business security system is more than a few years old, chances are that there will be new technology available that be of significant benefit where protecting your property is concerned.

2. Your System has no Battery Backup

With power cuts occurring more frequently than ever nowadays, it’s crucial to have some form of backup power available for your commercial alarm system. This will help ensure that signals can still be delivered to the company monitoring your alarm if there is a power outage. If you’re concerned about having extended power outages, additional batteries can be connected to extend the available backup time.

3. Building Alterations have been done

Has your business expanded to the point where building renovations had to be done to accommodate everything? If so, the existing alarm system may no longer be sufficient to protect everything, as it should. You may find that some of the new areas aren’t even being fully covered by any sensors. In situations like these, it’s strongly recommended that you have your property professionally evaluated so that security can be upgraded accordingly.

4. Your Monitoring Options are Limited

Although having patrolling guards and CCTV systems installed will provide a good amount of security, not having your alarm system linked to a mobile video monitoring setup could result in there being gaps in your monitoring.

Advances made in technology over the past few years now make it possible for business owners to view what is happening around their properties in real time – even if they’re hundreds of miles away. This also allows an alarm company to take action as quickly as possible – before serious losses and/or damages occur. Off-site monitoring also allows business owners and managers to monitor the actions of employees at all times.

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