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Hurricane Home Safety Tips

Is Your House Hurricane Proof? Tips on Getting It Ready for Hurricane SeasonJuly 28, 2015

With hurricane season fast approaching many parts of the country, many property owners worry about the fact that their homes could be subject to serious damage if they are subject to these strong winds and rain storms. Below are a few relatively simple ways in which a home can be made as hurricane proof as possible.

Strengthen the Garage Door

Although it is often thought that a house’s roof is the weakest point, this is normally not the case. In most instances, garage doors are made of either aluminum or fiberglass panels, both of which are extremely thin and fragile. As a result, it is recommended that doors be chosen that are able to withstand at least 50 lb. of pressure per square foot, because they will be able to withstand a lot more wind and air pressure than standard doors. In cases where double doors are installed, it is strongly recommended that a garage door bracing kit be installed as well.

Secure All Windows and Doors

Windows that break will not only let in the hurricane-speed winds and torrential rains; they will increase the amount of air pressure that gets into the house itself as well as under the roof, which could cause it to blow off. Although installing dedicated storm shutters on each window is the ideal way to hurricane proof them, this may not always be possible. However, even boarding windows up with regular lumber or even good quality plywood will help a lot. A house’s front and back doors should be locked and secured with at least a few additional deadbolts per door, as this will help prevent them from flying open – or even off their hinges.

Trim Large Trees

One of the main causes of damage to homes during hurricanes is falling tree branches. Home owners should ensure that all of the trees on and around their properties are trimmed regularly, as this will help prevent any heavy tree limbs from falling on to roofs or even blowing through windows in extreme cases. If there are any trees around a property that are old or seem to be dead or dying, it may be a good idea to have them cut down completely before the start of hurricane season.

 Clean up the Yard

A wind-tossed trash can or garden chair can cause a fair amount of damage to more than 1 property during a hurricane. It is recommended that all garden furniture, tools, outdoor toys, barbecues and other outdoor accessories be safely stowed away in garden sheds or in the garage, as this will prevent the items themselves from becoming lost or damaged and it will also ensure that they do not cause any unnecessary damage. If items cannot be stored indoors anywhere, they should be tied down properly in an effort to prevent them from blowing around too much.

Before the start of hurricane season, families should ensure that their household and vehicle insurance policies are not only up to date, but that they will cover any damages or losses that may occur as well.

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