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natioanl safety month

June is National Safety Month – How Can It Help Your Family Stay Safe at Home?June 19, 2014

Many people have discovered that accidents or injuries can – and usually do – happen in the blink of an eye. This is especially true when it comes to families where there are children in the home. Although most parents take every precaution possible to ensure the safety of their children in and around the home, there is always a little extra motivation and safety-related information that are made available during National Safety Month in June each year.

Defining National Safety Month

According to the Safeopedia website, ‘National Safety Month is celebrated to encourage awareness of the importance of safety and to promote the safety culture. The main purpose is to educate the people and organizations as a whole to influence the behaviors that will ultimately lead to preventable injuries or death.’ There are a few simple ways in which you can help ensure that your family stays safe this summer season.

Stay Cool

Regardless of age, anyone can fall victim to sunburn and heat exhaustion. This is why it is crucial to try and avoid engaging in any form of strenuous activity during the hottest times of the day. If you simply cannot avoid being outdoors in the heat, ensure that you apply a good quality sunscreen product, wear a wide-brimmed hat and drink plenty of water. Dress children in clothing that is loose-fitting and light-colored, as this will help keep them cool as well. Although cool baths or showers can help ease discomfort as well, children should be supervised when they are near any form of water at all times.

Use Safety Gear

With summer comes the usual plethora of outdoor activities such as rollerblading, riding bikes and spending time playing on park equipment. Always ensure that the appropriate safety gear is worn for each activity, as this will minimize the risk of serious injuries occurring. When it comes to taking children to local parks or playgrounds, it I usually a good idea to have a quick look at the equipment to ensure that there are no sharp objects or damaged parts which can lead to injuries.

Safety in the Home

Children should be taught from a young age that electricity is something that should be treated with respect at all times. Always ensure that they are supervised near appliances, especially those that generate heat such as kettles, stovetops and electric fireplaces. If your child has to use appliances of any sort while you are not at home, ensure that he or she has been properly instructed on how to safely switch off the appliance at the wall socket before unplugging or plugging it in.

If you have tween or teen children who have to stay home alone during summer, it may be a good idea to enroll them in a basic first aid course, as this will go a long way in equipping them with the right knowledge of what to do should an emergency arise in the home or even while they are out with friends.

Image Source: Flickr/State Farm

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