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Keep your Home Safe while VacationingMarch 17, 2022

Although going on vacation, as a family will allow you to make new memories and experience different places, arriving home to find that you’ve been burgled will put a huge damper on your spirits. While it is true that many homes are targeted while inhabitants are away, this doesn’t mean that your family needs to form part of the latest burglary statistics.

You can greatly reduce the chances of your home being burgled while you’re vacationing by implementing these measures before your next trip:

1. Stop your Mail

If you intend being away for longer than a few days, it’s a good idea to have your local post office hold your mail until such time as you get back home. Piles of unopened mail and/or newspapers are a dead giveaway that no one is home, which makes your property more appealing to burglars.

2. Don’t Boast on Social Media

These days, almost everyone has at least one social media account – including the neighborhood burglar. While this can provide a fabulous opportunity for you to share photos from your vacation with family and friends, you should only do this after you’ve arrived back home. Also, refrain from advertising online that you will be away on vacation – this sends a clear message that your home will be standing unattended during this time.

Another aspect to put on hold while you’re away is that of checking in to your favorite vacation spots. While this shows support for places you visit regularly, it also tells would-be burglars that you and your family are anywhere else but at home.

3. Have a Friend or Neighbor Check your Home

If you have a trusted friend, neighbor or family member that you’d be comfortable allowing in your home while you’re away, consider asking them to stop by your home every second day or so to take in mail (if it can’t be stopped at the post office), have a general look around or even turn lights on and off as needed. This will indicate to passers-by that your property is not completely vacant at any time.

4. Take Advantage of your Smart Home

If you have smart devices installed, these can be used to remotely turn lights on and off in and around your home or even activate lawn sprinklers at predetermined times. Having lights turned on and off randomly will make most burglars think twice about targeting your home because they won’t be sure if anyone is actually there or not.

5. Install a Monitored Alarm

An alarm system with a loud siren is intended to scare all but the most determined of burglars away from a property before any damage can be done. If the system is monitored, it also alerts the police that unlawful intrusion is taking place while you’re away.

If you want to ensure that your home will be safe while you and your family are enjoying quality time together on vacation, contact us today to find out more about the monitored alarm system options that we offer.

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