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Live in Boston? Why the Warm Weather that is Around the Corner Could Lead to More Home BurglariesMarch 20, 2014

It’s quite normal for homeowners in the Boston area to look forward to the warmer spring and summer months, as this means that windows and doors can be left open in order to enjoy the fresh air. However, they are not the only ones who eagerly anticipate this time of year. Burglars also favor the warmer months because, to them, the increase in open doors and windows means something entirely different – the increase in easy opportunities for theft.

Why a Burglar Alarm Makes Sense

If you enjoy the smell of fresh summer air in Boston, you would be justified in leaving doors and windows open throughout your home. However, you should either already have a burglar alarm installed or be willing to have one installed if you do not yet have one. This will enable you to be alerted immediately should an intruder be trying to gain unlawful access into your home. These days, there are many different types of alarm systems on the market, so chances are that there will be at least a few of them that are suitable for your home.

Using Your Burglar Alarm

Many homeowners are under the impression that, if they are at home, there is no need to make use of their alarm system. However, this is not true. For example, if you have a split level house and are busy working upstairs for the day, it is a good idea to activate the alarm system in the downstairs portion of your home. If your family is enjoying an evening watching movies, you may want to consider activating the alarm sensors in your garage as well as your yard, as this will alert you to the fact that a burglar is trying to gain unlawful access on to your property.

Better Safe than Sorry

People who use their alarm systems in this manner are often referred to as paranoid or over-cautious. However, knowing that an intruder is on your property before he or she gains access into you home can make a significant difference in the way that you are able to respond to this threat. In many cases, the noise of an alarm alone is enough to send an intruder fleeing. However, if this does not happen, you will still have a few precious seconds to activate a panic alarm in order to summon emergency assistance to your home. If you do not have an alarm installed in your home and an intruder gains access, you stand no chance of being able to save your family and possessions.

These days, having a burglar alarm installed is a relatively quick process. If you have not yet been able to justify the cost of having one installed, you may need to take a few moments to think about the fact that there is absolutely no price tag that can be put on the life of a loved one.

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